CATEGORY - Minas cheese
Minas cheese (Curado) is ready for consumption when the cheese has solidified and acquired a yellowish tint and is slightly more granulated than frescal with a stronger taste. Minas cheese is made from cows milk according to traditional recipes.
Market development - Annual/Monthly
Access annual / monthly historical consumption or production data from 1991 up to last year with forecasts for the next 5 years, updated monthly
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Market share
Market shares by company
Barbosa Marques, Coop Serro, Cruziliense, Forno de Minas, Frimesa, Godiva, Lactalis, Lactojara, Lat Aveiros, Lat Guaira, Lat Latco, Lat Marilia , Lat Neolat, Lat PL, Lat Porto Alegre, Lat Sao Vicente, Lat Tirolez, Lat Verde Campo, Lat Vitoria MG, Laticinios Scala, MHL Queijos, Piracanjuba, Quata Alimentos, Reis e Melo, Trop Frutas, Vale do Mucuri, Veneza See example
Consumption by region: South, Southeast, Greater São Paulo, Greater Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo Interior, Midwest and Northeast
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Production by State
History: 2004 a 2018 See example
Shows both annual and monthly data broken down into four tables: #1. total volume of product packed in each type of packaging; #2. volume of packaging in millions of units; #3. volume of packaging in metric tons; #4. percentage each type of packaging represents of the total volume
History: 2001 a 2018 | Forecast: 2019 a 2023 See example
Barrier shrink
  • Bags/wrappers
  • Bags/wrappers
  • Bags/wrappers
  • Bags/wrappers
  • Pots/lids
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