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  • Paypal Introduces New Products
    PayPal, UOL group company, presents its new products aimed at retail. For companies that need to generate bills and/or billing cards, PayPal Launches Billet API. With it, you can generate approximately slips that can be customized with instructions to facilitate the understanding of buyer, as they can be addressed to physical and legal persons, and with the bar codes provided by push, e-mail or SMS. Following the trend of increased e-commerces and marketplaces, PayPal launches the quick sale, solution to receive payments via social networks, email, WhatsApp and blogs. The seller may submit a link of payment without the need of website or online store, or even include a payment button on sites and blogs to facilitate and increase your sales.
  • Chinese giant lithium acquires 24% of Chile's SQM for $ $4 billion
    The Chinese Tianqi lithium giant reached an agreement to buy the Canadian 24 Nutrients% Chile SQM, which operates one of the largest lithium deposits in the world, announced the companies on Thursday (17).
  • PayPal makes deal to buy European startup iZettle, for $ $2.2 billion.
    PayPal closed deal to buy the iZettle, one of the best-known financial technology startups in Europe, for $ $2.2 billion, the companies announced on Thursday (17).
  • High-dollar makes search more tourist and ' shorten ' travel time
    The rise of the dollar, which has reached the highest quote since March 2016, is leading the search for a tourist trip, opting for packages that include lodging, meals, airfare and excursions, and the Choose destinations in Latin America as a way to circumvent the high cost of the trip, according to the Brazilian Association of travel agencies (Abav).
  • Shopping experience is the current focus of investment in network technology paulistas
    In recent years, the technology to raise productivity and reduce costs was the target of the supermarket networks investments of the State of São Paulo in Brazil. But now the focus is another: the shopping experience. We live deployed things to the rear, but the focus now is the client, summarizes Fábio Luiz de Oliveira, Manager of the Trust Supermarkets, based in Bauru.

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