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Ambev search partners for football plan

Ambev, the largest beverage company of Brazil, seeks partners to launch in October a program of discounts in supermarkets and convenience stores to football fans. The project is part of the marketing plan of the Brahma beer, the second most sold in the country, behind the Ambev Skol, too.
But not only that. The company aims to grow the business around football, to improve the financial situation of clubs, so that they, for example, do not have to sell good players to reduce their debts. To do this, it is necessary to go beyond to stamp the name of sponsor in the player's shirt-the most used marketing mode in Brazilian football.
Ricardo Tadeu, commercial Vice President of Ambev, notes that football still represents some of the gross domestic product (GDP). "In Spain, 1.2% of GDP comes from the football, and there the business focus in two clubs [Real Madrid and Barcelona]. Here, [the participation of football in economics] oscillates between 0.2% and 0.3%, with 35% of the sponsorship money goes to selection. "
Ambev has already closed agreements with six clubs from São Paulo (Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Ponte Preta and Portuguese) and four cariocas (Flamengo, Fluminense, Vasco and Botafogo). I have also signed contracts with the Extra retailers (from Pão de Açúcar), Carrefour, Prezunic, Guanabara, world and Princess. And negotiates with AMPM convenience stores, petrol stations.
The basic idea is that the fans pay a monthly fee, between $ 25 and $ 40, to the Club. If you are current with your monthly fee, is entitled to buy certain products, displayed in a special gondola within supermarkets and convenience stores, with discounts. A can of Brahma, for example, will be sold at a discount of $ 0.10. For the fans who already have your loyalty card-as the Loyal supporter, of Corinthians, or the Avanti, Palmeiras-this program discounts would be an added benefit. But Thaddeus notes that the program has the potential to attract new fans.
Ambev wants to ride the portfolio of special gondola with different items of wide consumption such as toiletries, cleaning products, food. There will be no competing products in the gondola. Deodorant category, for example, only the Rexona, Unilever, would appear. Besides being gathered in special gondola, each product will receive a stamp with a golden soccer ball emblazoned. PepsiCo, which is already a partner of Ambev in the distribution of products, already confirmed participation. In the service sector, Ambev believes that banks might be interested-the account holder would have reduced the value that pays every month on rates and fees, for example.
In General, the products must be between 5% and 10% discount, as anticipated the value on 29 May. At the end of may, the brewery released the football plan for six teams from São Paulo. At the time, the idea was to launch the card in August, but the project was delayed because of the delay in installing the discount program in the system of large supermarket networks.
Ambev, which has in the Brahma brand to Brazilian football themes, and most notably as Carnival, search different ways to relate to the consumer. "There are cases in which the people offers a bar with TV put on paid programming for customers to watch a football match. This is already normal, "says João Castro Neves, President of Ambev. "Another front like you think the future in terms of innovations."
This month the Ambev promoted two events: party supporters during the finals of the Brazil Cup and Libertadores, sponsored by Brahma. "Events like these will be supernormal abilities here to the World Cup and the Olympics," says Nair.
Diversify sponsorship in football is something advocated by experts. "The sponsor in Brazil is addicted to appear on the shirt" and "this will have to change," says Amir Consulting, management consulting Director of BDO Brazil. For him, "there is here a low scenario market efficiency, which is strong in Europe". The European stadiums exploit bar, restaurant, shops, Museum and receive corporate events. "The [English team] Arsenal have 300 events per year, being only 30 football game".
In addition to the discounts in supermarkets, Ambev was a Fund, administered by the company itself, whose goal is to invest in the infrastructure of football clubs. The background is formed with about 1% of sales of beer Brahma.
In Rio, the project of Ambev for soccer began more than a year. Part of the money was invested in a Flemish training centre, in an electronic scoreboard of Vasco, Fluminense in a dressing room and a plate of lighting for the lawn of São Januário Stadium of Vasco. Ambev has appointed officials to monitor how the money is used.
In addition to the clubs of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Ambev looks to those of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul, says Marcel Marcondes, Business Director of sport of Ambev. In those States, the main teams are Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro (MG) and Grêmio and Internacional (RS).
Valor - 24/07/12
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