Friday, January 24, 2014

Campaign features beer Petra Pilsen

Grupo Petrópolis debuted a campaign to introduce beer Petra Pilsen to consumers. Created by Y&R, the action covers movie for TV, digital strategy, ads for print media, media pieces out of home and radio spots.
With initial airing in Rio de Janeiro, the release campaign with the participation of a team of celebrities: Helio De La Peña, Sergio Loroza, Tata Werneck, Murilo Rosa, Maria Casadevall, Evandro Mesquita, Mc Catra, Fernanda Paes Leme, Débora Nascimento and Carolina Dieckmann.
In the movie for airing on TV, celebrities talk to know who tasted the novelty and what you think.
"We created a hard-hitting strategy for this launch. Before the premiere of the film, were aired three commercials and several advertisements in other media to generate expectation among people and awaken the desire for a demanding audience, "adds Flávio Casarotti, Director General Y&R creation.
The creation of the campaign is of Raphael Quatrocci, Renata El Dib, Leandro Camara, Flavio Ferri, Bruno Souto, José Neto, Rafael Merel, Marcelo Fedrizzi and Flavio Casarotti, with creative direction by Rui white boy, Flavio Casarotti, Rafael Merel and Marcelo Fedrizzi. The producer of the movie is a Sentimental.
Exame - 23/01/2014
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