Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reaches the country dressing to treat blisters caused by shoes

Throw the first shoe the woman who never had to descend the jump, or resist the urge to do that so as not to lose the pose, to suffer from pain caused by friction blisters? They appear in the most inconvenient hours and make every step a torture. The heel is an area subject to bubbles, especially when using new shoes or high heels for the first time.
In Brazil since the end of 2013, reached the main networks of pharmacies and drugstores, Mercurochrome brand line of bandages of the French group VivaSanté, which landed in the country with luggage solutions supported by tradition, quality and technology. 100% capital pharmaceutical family commercializes its products in 55 countries and is present in the daily life of 80% of French people.
The curativoBolhas Ultra Discreet hidrocoloide technology features and is indicated especially for protection and healing of blisters caused by skin friction with women's shoes, especially those caused by high-heeled shoes. The product promotes pain relief quickly at the time of application, besides favoring the breath of the wound, preventing contamination by bacteria from the affected area.
Developed with flexible material, this category of curative adapts perfectly and unobtrusively on the skin, protecting the bubble and accelerating healing. The hidrocoloide, in turn, creates an environment where moisture, pH and temperature ideals that accelerate the healing process. Is a primary dressing, sterile, transparent and impervious to water and bacteria that acts as a "second skin", isolating bubble of pressure, friction and eases the pain immediately.
The dressing for Blisters Ultra Discreet is sold in drugstores and major pharmacies networks of Brazil.
Embanews - 18/09/2014
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