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January, 2015

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Soda and beer price should rise with more tax, says Association

1/29/2015 - The price of soft drinks and beers should rise after coming into force, on 1 may, the law that incre

Braskem expands production of special polyethylenes in Bahia

1/28/2015 - Braskem completed investment of approximately r $ 50 million in one of its factories in Bahia to enl

New manufacturers enter the market of infant hygiene

1/28/2015 - Cut costs with the baby is the last parent attitude in time of economic downturn. Is betting that wh

The coffee sector wants to expand marketing

1/28/2015 - Representatives of producers and coffee industries met yesterday with the Minister of agriculture, l

Actual sales of supermarkets in Brazil went up 2.94%

1/28/2015 - Actual sales of supermarkets in Brazil surged 2.94 percent in December when compared with the same m

Cargill will continue with capital closed, says CEO

1/28/2015 - Cargill, one of the largest privately held companies in the world and great global commodities tradi

Bakery sector bet in gourmet food stores

1/27/2015 - Small and medium-sized companies in the bakery sector are seeking new ways to ensure that the relati

Markets are betting of large networks to grow

1/27/2015 - After moving to the country towns, large supermarket groups vying for the neighborhood market food a

Dairy company investing in sponsorship

1/27/2015 - Sports marketing investments by enterprises of Minas Gerais ' dairy have grown year over year, repre

Industry sales grew 1.93 percent in Sao Paulo, says Apas

1/27/2015 - Supermarkets do Estado de São Paulo presented growth of 1.93% in real turnover (sales) in 2014 in co

Expectation of the CRM is to achieve direct sales of R $ 303 million in 2015 ...

1/26/2015 - At Easter, one of the most strategic dates of the year, the Group CRM bet on quality, diversificatio

Finn and Thaddeus form unprecedented partnership to create a line of popsicle...

1/26/2015 - Ice cream fans can delight savouring the recognized popsicles Thaddeus without worrying about calori

Coca-Cola Brazil launches Del Valle 100% Juice

1/26/2015 - Coca-Cola Brazil launches next month, Del Valle 100% juice, the line of ready-to-drink juices of the

Imports of sugar by China back almost a quarter in 2014

1/26/2015 - Chinese imports of sugar fell 23 percent in 2014, to 3.49 million tonnes, customs official figures s

BRF mira new units and partnerships to grow in Asia

1/26/2015 - The BRF, global largest exporter of chicken meat, plan to strong expansion in the Asian market in th

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