Thursday, January 29, 2015

Her new perfume may have recycled glass (without you notice)

Have you ever wondered about what happens with that empty bottle of perfume that you throw away? What if instead of turning trash, he had a nobler destiny, becoming a new packaging to another perfume, for example? Because that's exactly what the Natura decided to make. The cosmetics company has just launched his first perfume bottles with post-consumer recycled glass, in an unprecedented onslaught on the country. Initially, the post-consumer material will be used in some of the most successful fragrance brands like Natura Humor, Kaiak classic, Essential classic male and the Natura Ekos Freshness. The expectation of the company is to expand the innovation to other subtags. The first bottles contain on average 20% of its mass formed by recycled glass. Ecofriendly use of post-consumer recycled material brings clear advantages for the environment. The first one is a lower pressure on the natural resources, since it will not be necessary to produce a new material, but just reuse what already exists. Second, because you reduces the amount of waste generated. Natura's calculations, the first stage of the initiative used roughly 472 tons of recycled glass, which prevents the disposal of material equivalent to 1.368 million bottles of 600 ml (weighing from 0.345 kg each). In addition, the company says, the incorporation of recycled glass in packaging of perfumes reduces CO2 emissions 357 tCO2/year. This is not the first onslaught of the company in the world of recycled materials. In 2014, she released her first fragrance cartridge with pet 100% recycled packaging. According to Natura, the use of post-consumer recycled material in packaging is one of the goals of his new vision of sustainability. By 2020, one of the challenges is to use at least 10% post-consumer recycled material in total weight of packaging Natura in the country. Only with the introduction of post-consumer recycled glass jars of their main lines of perfume, in that first moment, the number reached today by the company comes to 2.6%.
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