Friday, January 30, 2015

Trade balance of graphics products closed 2014 with 204,2 million dollar deficit

"In 2014, according to information from the Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade (MDIC), the Brazil exported US $ 289,61 million and $ 493,82 million in imported graphics products, with a deficit of $ 204,2 million-24% less than the registered in 2013, when the stock closed at $ 269,62 million negative. The relative performance improvement was due to an increase of 3.8% in exports and 10% drop in imports. This was the eighth negative result in the industry. According to the Brazilian graphic industry Association, the activity is influenced by the dollar exchange rate, and the real appreciation contributed to the worsening trade balances between 2005 and 2011. "There is a lag between changes in currency exchange and the movements of the scale. But we hope that the current currency depreciation bring greater balance. Other factors that influenced this result were the worse in external demand and the significant rise of Brazilian production, which has undermined the competitiveness of the whole national industry, "says the President of the entity, Levi Ceregato. The sector's projection is that for 2015, the effect of the exchange rate will not be benign (generating pressure on costs that may not be fully passed on to the final price), but promises to bring opportunities for 2016. The segments are more sensitive to these oscillations are packaging and editorial, with the first strongly influenced also by the performance of the industry in General. "
Embanews – 28/01/2015
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