Friday, October 30, 2015

Piracanjuba designs 15% advance in the year

The Piracanjuba, one of the largest dairy in the country, is expected to end the year with gross sales of about 2.4 billion R$, 15% more than last year. The forecast is the institutional relations director Cesar Helou. He and his brother, Marcos Helou, industrial Director, are owners of the company, whose headquarters are located in Beautiful Vista de Goiás (GO).
Cesar Helou says the estimated advance is due to the increased importance of sales of products such as dairy drinks and dairy items more expensive than UHT milk or milk powders, for example. The total amount of processed milk will spend some 1 billion liters, between 3% and 4% in 2014. The Piracanjuba is the fifth largest milk processor in the country.
The drought, which since last year has compromised the quality of the pasture affected milk production. For, that ended with Helou least one positive aspect: the short of the expected production helped to partly offset the effects of a weaker demand this year.
Helou celebrates the dollar appreciated compared to the real. "To export, open a path for Brazil," he said. The Venezuela turned out to be the big surprise this year, with a volume of purchases that animated the milk industry. But Helou see this last bit. "A good part of what Brazil is exporting is for Venezuela, which is a timely question, because of the elections. We believe that after the elections in Venezuela this sale that Brazil doing tends to whitewash drastically, "he said. For the entrepreneur, the Venezuelan purchases are part of an attempt by the Government to improve the political environment in the country. The country has parliamentary elections scheduled for 6 December day.
"Anyway, the Brazilian companies are looking to organize to export more. Including us. Export very little, but we are working to try to increase significantly in the coming.
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