Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Food supplements are advancing in the country

The sector, which is growing at double-digit rates, took another step in his maturation process in the domestic market. The Abenutri, an organization that represents the food supplements, released its Self-monitoring program, which seeks to ensure the quality of products available in the market. "Initially, we receive complaints will be processed and cleared by the manufacturer. Later, we will have a job closer to the production lines, collecting samples for a prior analysis of what's going to the market, "says Flavio Menezes, legal adviser of the Abenutri.
Currently, the segment has 250 brands belonging to 100 companies, being 60% 40% international and national, with a presence in approximately 11 thousand points of sale, ranging from specialty stores and pharmacies. According to Abenutri, in the country there are 2.5 million consumers, which need not necessarily be practitioners of physical activities. "This market is very broad and allows add-ins to the most varied needs. There are those products for those who practice physical activity, however, there are several others that are good for improving the layout, restore vitamins, to slow effects of aging on the skin, in the vision, "says Marcelo Bella, President of the entity, the Rotating News Portal.
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One of the points that the market has worked is with spraying of the channels, as well as the more present in the retail food supplements, including by having a direct relationship with this channel. Marcelo cites the United States as a great example of this. "The us market moves more than 200 billion dollars a year and 51% of sales are made in supermarkets and pharmacies. Without a doubt, this is a movement that must happen in Brazil ", concludes.
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