Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tectoy bet on nostalgia in the console Mega Drive Recovery

SAO PAULO-the Tectoy announced on Monday the relaunch in Brazil video game console Sega Mega Drive, a hit of the Decade of 1990, betting on nostalgia for fans who live today with technologies of high-definition games and virtual reality.
"Has a number of consumers of the 1990 who had his childhood marked by products and the Mega Drive was very striking," said the Chairman of the Board of Tectoy, Stefano Arnhold, adding that the relaunch had sought to meet a demand raised by fans. "It''s more of an emotional thing, not so much the appeal of technology", commented.
The console will be produced on the premises of Tectoy in Manaus. However, the first units should be delivered only from June 2017. The device was developed by the Japanese Sega, which stopped producing consoles in early 2000.
Tectoy ended 2015 with prejudice to 35,600,000 reais. Second evaluation report published on the website of the company in June, the company had an expectation of generating revenue from real 439,000 with games this year and of 526,000 in 2017.
According to Arnhold, "would be too risky" estimate of sale of the Mega Drive, due to technical difficulties in the production of a product in an industry that has evolved as much as the game. There is also uncertainty about the behavior of demand, since the appliance is aimed at a very specific niche of the public, he said.
The company did not disclose data about investment in Mega Drive, however, argues that the new project Arnhold is priority for the moment. "We are very focused on making this a great product," he said.
The appliance will be sold by Tectoy with joystick and 22 games including Sega classics like Alex Kidd and Sonic. The price of the console on pre-sale is 399 reais.
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