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March, 2016

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2015 results Lego discloses NET licro growth

3/7/2016 - The manufacturer introduced his report of 2015 results. The company registered a 31 percent increase

Category of cookies was stable in volume

3/7/2016 - According to Abimapi, which represents the makers of the segment, in 2015, the billing had high 7.1%

Price of breads and pastas should rise 10%

3/7/2016 - According to Abimapi, an association that brings together manufacturers, there may be more adjustmen

Industrial production rises 0.4% in January compared with December, 2015 poin...

3/7/2016 - Industrial production rose 0.4 percent in January this year before December 2015, in series with sea

16 and 17/03 – Campinas – Negotiation on purchases & Supplies

3/7/2016 - Come and join this course, in Campinas, 16 days and 3/17/16, at the Hotel Dan Inn Anhanguera, 8:20 a

Brazil soy sales reach 55% of the crop until February, says AgRural

3/7/2016 - SÃO PAULO-Brazil soy marketing advanced to the country''s anticipated harvest 55% in 2015/16, by the

Wine and cod have greater collection of tribute between Easter items

3/4/2016 - This year, consumers will pay more than 50 percent in taxes on the products typical of Easter, accor

Brazilian economy plummets 3.8% in 2015, the biggest fall in 25 years

3/4/2016 - Rio de Janeiro, Mar 3 (AFP)-2016 the brazilian economy, the seventh largest in the world, had a seve

8.9% drop in trade in 2015 was pulled by the wholesale

3/4/2016 - River-the gross domestic product (GDP) of trade shrank 8.9% in 2015 compared to the previous year, r

A Crime against Brazil

3/4/2016 - The cigarette industry is the sector most impacted by smuggling. In 2015, 33.7 billion cigarettes en

Johnson buys Hipoglós of P&G

3/4/2016 - The American Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is the new leader of the market of creams against diaper rash.

Sale of confectionery grows 15%

3/4/2016 - The market of sugar confectionery and chewing gum in Brazil reached 353.6 1000 tonnes in 2015, compa

Training on purchases

3/4/2016 - The time has come and the time of Purchases being perceived as a key piece in the companies. At a t

Soft drink manufacturers will stop advertising to children

3/3/2016 - The Brazilian Association of manufacturers of soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks (Abir) decided to

Retail Pharmacist billing Grows 9.85% in January

3/3/2016 - The national pharmaceutical retail started the year with revenues of R$ 3.03 billion in sales, accor

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