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March, 2016

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IPC-FIPE has high of 0.89% in February, compared with an increase of 1.37% in...

3/3/2016 - In the first quarter, the Fipe index accumulated inflation of 2.27%. In the 12-month period ended in

Price of milk in Brazil can affect growth of the sector

3/3/2016 - The President of the Brazilian Association of creators of Girolando cattle (Uberaba/MG), Jônadan Ma,

Balance of the Food Service Sector slows down in 2015

3/3/2016 - From 2011, the average annual growth in the sector is above 9%. In the years 2013 and 2014, there we

Course: Negotiation on purchases & Supplies

3/2/2016 - Come and join this course, in Campinas, 16 days and 3/17/16, at the Hotel Dan Inn Anhanguera, 8:20 a

February retail build balance has stable sales

3/2/2016 - Retail sales of construction materials remained stable in February, compared to January. Already com

Alibaba seeks partnerships to grow in Brazil

3/2/2016 - Sao Paulo-the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba see in Brazil a great opportunity to strengthen its p

First year of high VALUE-ADDED medicines increases in 12 States

3/2/2016 - According to calculations of the research-based pharmaceutical industry association (Interfarma), th

Ice bar Raises Brazil sales Kirin in 500%

3/2/2016 - The supermarket Prezunic in partnership with Kirin, Brazil built the first ice bar in the city. The

AB Inbev sells part that SABmiller had on CR Snow for $ 1.6 billion

3/2/2016 - Brussels, 2 mar (EFE).-the Belgian brewery InBev announced on Wednesday an agreement to sell the 49

São Paulo trade closes 2015 with drop of almost 6%

3/1/2016 - Trade sales fell 5.9% in 2015, pulled by falling incomes, rising unemployment and a lack of credit,

Breaks in the production of vegetables let diet more expensive for the consumer

3/1/2016 - Be vegetarian or maintain a balanced diet is becoming increasingly difficult, and it''s not for lack

IBM will buy cyber security firm Resilient Systems

3/1/2016 - Reuters)-IBM Security plans to acquire privately held company of cybersecurity Resilient Systems, as

Production of beer and soft drinks falls in February, points Sicobe

3/1/2016 - The production of beer decreased by 2.9% in February, compared with the same month of 2015, to 1.125

Yarn and fabric '' intelligent '' gain market

3/1/2016 - Textile industries have shrunk over the Decade, but saw demand grow recently, with the interest of r

Sale of vehicles falls 26% up to day 28 of February

3/1/2016 - The licensing of light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses new in Brazil in February until Sunday

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