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Tone of pessimism remains in sector

3/18/2016 - São Paulo-two indicators that signal as is the retail point maintaining low business confidence in t

High cost of production makes chocolate egg cost more than bars

3/18/2016 - This is the explanation of the industry to an increasingly common complaint of consumers on social n

Consumers are more concerned with price when buying online

3/18/2016 - Research reveals that the attention to the values of the products grew up among Brazilians, rising f

Oil imports fall 23% in 2015

3/18/2016 - Exchange rate devaluation and political and economic crisis are mainly responsible for indentation

Falling trade expansion index falls for second month followed

3/18/2016 - According to the expansion of Trade Index (IEC) of February, there was a decline of 6 percent compar

New factory Tramontina nonstick production to double

3/18/2016 - The new plant will be in Carlos Barbosa (RS), three kilometers from another unit of the company, and

In February consumer demand for credit rises 3.8%

3/18/2016 - Consumer demand for credit 3.8% high pointed assessment monthly (February 2016 against January 2016)

Intention of household consumption decreases in March, points to CNC

3/17/2016 - A set of unfavourable factors, consumption as income of the employee, high interest rates, credit, a

Expensive toiletries

3/17/2016 - Maintain personal hygiene in day will cost more expensive for the consumer, from the 1st of April. I

3corações Group acquires Cla Iguaçu, leader in southern region

3/17/2016 - São Paulo-To strengthen its leadership in the sector of cafes in Brazil, the 3corações Group bought

Supermarkets plots cod and Easter egg by up to ten times

3/17/2016 - Chocolate egg, cod, olive oil and other products from the Easter basket may be paid in up to ten tim

Appliance manufacturers expect 20% retracement in sales

3/17/2016 - São Paulo-Without signaling of improvement of internal economy, manufacturers of white goods applian

Yogurt market shrinks in the country, but Force still grows

3/17/2016 - Sao Paulo-the Force seems to have fared better than their competitors in the dairy market in the las

Endless computer arrives to the country in July by R$ 699

3/17/2016 - The American startup Endless, manufacturer of low-cost computers, is coming to Brazil. With the supp

Without stopping sells for $ 4 bi

3/17/2016 - Sao Paulo-the CCR infrastructure concessions company announced the sale of its stake of 34% of STP f

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