Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cory plans to grow 10% in 2016

The brazilian manufacturer Cory, owner of the bullets Always, plans 10% growth to 2016. The company bet on higher value-added products and increased capillarity to win market. "Consumers seeking quality will keep buying our product even in the crisis. So let''s focus on added value, "said the INN the marketing manager of Cory, Ricardo Fernandes. 100% brazilian company operates in the biscuits, manufactured in Ribeirão Preto (SP), and bullets, whose production is located in the city of Arceburgo (Minas Gerais). Fernandes tells us that Cory operates very close to the installed capacity of 40 1000 tons per year. "In the first quarter, have accumulated a growth around 10% over the same period last year." The company''s performance occurs even with the significant increase of costs in jail. According to the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Chocolates, cocoa, peanuts, hard candies and derivatives (Abicab), the industry is spending up to 20% more to produce. According to the entity, all raw materials have risen-including energy-and that caused the greatest impact in the business of bullets were sugar and glucose. Fernandes ponders that even before the sharp increase of costs of inputs, Cory has managed to readjust prices. "We went over part of the costs, but we also seek increased productivity," he adds. Despite the huge operations in the Southeast, he claims that Cory can cover the whole Country-which has a great potential. The Brazil is among the largest markets, according to Abicab. In 2015 the sales of candies and confections totaled 353 1000 tons. The company must attack micro-regions where the competition is still small. "In addition to strengthening our presence in the Southeast, we pick up locations with few players," he says. The Commission notes that this is the right time to invest and gain market share. "In the first quarter of this year, double the amount from the same period of 2015." He says that much of the investment was aimed at product campaigns mainly along the bloggers. "Our audience is formed mainly by young people and blogs have great influence to disseminate the company''s products."
DCI - 31/03/2016
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