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Dogs, cats, and even rabbits '' desestressam '' with five-star services and products

The second largest market in the world, second only to the us. With an estimated population of 132.4 million pets, of which 52.2 million dogs and 22.1 million cats, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE), the pet segment is booming in Brazil. Considered legitimate members of the family in most households, the furry ones generated last year, R$ order business 17.9 billion, between products and services, according to estimates of the Brazilian Association of the industry of Pet Products (Abinpet), in a niche that, in spite of the crisis, grew 7.4% nominal on 2014 and still has a lot to expand, judging consultants '' predictions. Result of the affinity between the man and his four-legged friend, 38.2 million of goods were traded only between January and may 2015, according to the Pet Institute Brazil, encouraging more and more new articles and differentiated offering. Accompanying this real fever, the franchise in pet segment also records excellent performance, according to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF). Between 2014 and 2015, the number of networks of 2,942 to 3,073, increase of 4.5%, and two new operations have entered the market. In terms of units, there was growth of 125,641 for 138,343, a variation of 10.1%. "The sector is the Belle of the ball in Brazil and follows a global trend. This is a mature market, which will surely raise and represents, in the short and medium term, a great investment opportunity, "says Beto Son, President of ABF. To support his suggestion to entrepreneurs in search of a good deal, he recalls that the franchise industry returned to spike this year, an increase of almost 8%, even in the face of the current economic turbulence scenario, and that "at least 65% of the brazilian population has a pet". Far from limiting the sale of rations and services of groomers, pet national press for market innovation and creativity. Regularly, curious business, unthinkable, are open, witnessing the real '' humanization '' of the pets in the country. An example is the network your PET with Surname, created by the franchisor Flávio Lopes. By R$ investment 2,500.00, R$ rate 500.00 more graphic material and the possibility of acquiring a collapsible wooden kiosk by other 1,000.00 R$, he suggests selling the internet records in the registry for dogs and cats. "The franchisee sells birth certificates, christening, marriage, death certificates and wills that he himself fills in online and then dispatches to a database so we can make the registration in registry", explains Lee, have been issued so far, about 40 1000 certifications in the 200 set up franchises around the country. According to him, with the exception of the Testament, more expensive, the affordable price of 30.00 R$ documents the printed certificate at home and R$ is dispatched by 90.00 Courier in leather wallet-ensures the franchisee the production of records in large quantity and the franchisor "the prospect of achieving membership of over 200 interested until the end of the year". Another business model that illustrates the sense of entrepreneurial opportunity is what offers the paranaense Felipe Gg Sass, owner of Pet ® Laundry network, specialized in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of beds, blankets, clothing and pet toys and towels used in veterinary clinics and pet shops of Curitiba. With minimum initial investment of 130 1000 R$, more R$ 30 1000 franchise fee and working capital around from other 20 1000 R$, Sass designs a monthly billing R$ average 15 1000 in 18 months and is estimated to reach 22 laundries animal accessories in two years. He plans to extend the Laundry Pet ® to the interior of the State, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. Compulsive behavior? Anxiety, trauma? Who bet on appreciation of business involving animal psychology can piggyback on fame conquered by Alexander Rossi, veterinarian, author of books on dressage, and integrate the network Citizen Dog, with more than 90 franchises. "We aim for a strong geographic expansion and we''re dealing with a consolidated market, which ensures return in less than six months," says the owner of the company, Daniel Svevo, also a vet. The initial investment, including vocational training, is in 1900, R$ more 20% royalties on sales and 10% as publicity Fund. In return, return of R$ 8,300.00 for daily 5 work hours. A VIP service for dogs, cats, Guinea pigs and rabbits is what proposes the Pet Free Le Boutique, associating various activities-shop, pharmacy, veterinary practice and groomers school-in five-star space tailored to the pet with its owner. "While the animal is treated, its owner enjoys a differentiated service, in a Massage Chair or enjoying an iced tea or a glass of champagne," says Thiago de Almeida Tavares, franchisor. Waiting for the hairy, is Ofuro bath, tosa artistic or brushing teeth and hydration with argã, chocolate or caviar imported. In the store, beddings, porcelain bowls and imitating the design of Louis Vuitton or Burberry, among others. The initial investment is 120 1000 R$ and billing provided in 14 months, 36 1000 R$ monthly.
Valor Econômico - 31/03/2016
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