Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Green plastic comes to Japan in PET bottle caps

São Paulo, 23 de March 2016-the Suntory, Japan''s leading beverage manufacturer and global operations, has just announced the adoption of Green Plastic on the lids of their bottles of mineral water of 550 ml. Renewable resin will be provided by Braskem, the largest petrochemical industry in the Americas and the world leader in the production of biopolymers. From this month, the Green polyethylene represents 30% of the plastic used in water covers "Suntory Aso Tennensui", whose annual production is estimated at 26 million units. With the decision, the Japanese company reinforces its commitment to sustainability and becomes the first in the world to adopt the resin in PET bottle caps. The partnership extends green plastic''s presence in the Asian market. "There is a growing concern of companies from all over the world in adopting innovative solutions and less environmental impact. The Green polyethylene is already used in several segments and can still have many other applications, as demonstrated by the initiative of Suntory ", says Alexandre Elias, Director of Renewable Chemicals of Braskem. The Braskem green plastic is produced from sugarcane ethanol, a 100% renewable raw material and its main differential 2.15 pounds of CO2 capture every pound of material produced. Another positive aspect for the market is that the mechanical properties and processability of resin are identical to those presented by the conventional petrochemical. Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a commercial partner of Braskem in Asia and Oceania, has played an important role in the distribution and expansion of green polyethylene. The Green Plastic has been used extensively in a variety of applications and will be expanded in the midst of growing environmental awareness in Asia.
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