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May, 2017

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Thank you Designs Double Billing in 2017

5/4/2017 - After achieving a growth of 500% in 2016 in comparison with the previous year, the brand of coconut

Pet industry Invoice R $18.9 billion in 2016

5/4/2017 - The total turnover of the pet market in 2016 was R $18.9 billion, growth of 4.9% compared with the p

Food companies fight for the brand "Laura"

5/3/2017 - The food multinational Bimbo, owner of the Bus and of Plus Vita, overturned at the Court of Rio de J

Hop on a plane Travel Club mira R billing $250 mi in 2017

5/3/2017 - Closed to guests, the Travel Club of high standard hop on a plane sight close this year with a turno

Profit of Itaú Unibanco has high of 18% in a year

5/3/2017 - SÃO PAULO-Itaú Unibanco reported net profit of RS $6.176 billion from January to March, 18% higher t

Sales in physical stores fall on the country and the fastest growing online r...

5/3/2017 - São Paulo – while sales in physical stores recorded fall in March, Commerce recorded an increase of

ADM profit has 47 high% in first quarter

5/3/2017 - The American commodities trading company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) had a 47% jump in first-quarte

Valfilm is studying expansion of the factory in the United States

5/3/2017 - About two years after buying the Dow movies plant being closed in Findlay, Ohio, brazilian Valfilm r

Coffee shop in Sao Paulo innovates in your billing model

5/3/2017 - SÃO PAULO-Lemni coffee shop, located in the city of São Paulo, innovated in your billing method. Cus

Clothes and shoes will be the most searched for mother''s day

5/3/2017 - São Paulo-search of intended purchases of the São Paulo commercial Association (ACSP) reveals that 4

Promotions generate high frequency and the average spending in supermarkets

5/3/2017 - São Paulo-Main deciding factor in choosing the store, promotions have generated improvement in resul

Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil marks presence on APAS Show 2017

5/3/2017 - São Paulo, may 02 2017-Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil, largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world by

Heineken Terminates Agreement with Coca Cola Femsa

5/2/2017 - Femsa reported this week, he received an official notification of Heineken, communicating your inten

Via Retail will test new models of shops

5/2/2017 - Via retail, the company responsible for the administration of Casas Bahia and Pontofrio, announces t

Hering Registers 29.2% high net income

5/2/2017 - The fashion retailer surged 29.2% of Hering in net income for the first quarter of the year to R$ 37

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