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May, 2017

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Cyber risk insurance in Brazil attracted

5/16/2017 - The market potential of cyber risk in Brazil is attracting more insurers. The former partner of BTG

Splitted sales fall 5.5% for mother''s day, says survey

5/16/2017 - The sales volume of splitted in week preceding mother''s day fell 5.5 percent compared with the equi

Retail sales have lower fall of the last 20 months, says ICVA

5/16/2017 - São Paulo – the recipe for retail sales in the country had 0,6% retraction in April compared with th

Profit from the owner of the Riachuelo grows 10 times in the first quarter

5/16/2017 - São Paulo – the Guararapes, company sets controller of Riachuelo, reported net profits of R $110,600

Braskem''s investments add up R $283 mi in the first quarter

5/16/2017 - São Paulo – The total investments of the United States, Brazil and Braskem Europe totaled R $283,000

Unilever''s personal care brands buying what''s in AL

5/16/2017 - São Paulo – Unilever today announced, 15, who bought the personal care brands Quala company that has

Blue reverses losses and has a net income of R$55,3 mi in 1st Qtr

5/15/2017 - SAO PAULO-the blue ended the first quarter of this year with a net profit of 55,300,000 reais, rever

Volume of services falls 2.3% in March compared with February, says IBGE

5/15/2017 - The volume of services provided had retraction 2.3% in March compared with February, in series with

PK Clean and are betting on diesel generation Sustane from plastic residue

5/15/2017 - Embryonic yet in North America, the production of diesel from plastic scrap promises win figure in s

Florida logistics of Grupo Pão de Açúcar on mother''s day

5/15/2017 - São Paulo – a flower in bouquet or a vase, is a delicate gift for mother''s day. Pão de Açúcar store

Amcor buys Colombian Plastics Team

5/15/2017 - The opportunity to grow in Latin America with a factory in stable economies in the region made the A

Pouso Alto projects 35% expansion

5/15/2017 - Sao Paulo-the manufacturer of drinks Pouso Alto expects to expand in 35% this year, after investing

Group of shareholders of the BRF wants Tarpon out

5/15/2017 - A group of shareholders of the BRF wants the manager leave the Executive Administration of the Tarpo

Program must inject R $108 mi in the economy

5/12/2017 - Campinas – about 12000 families living in Campinas should be benefited with the retirement Card prog

Storage site estimates growth of 500% in 2017

5/12/2017 - Sao Paulo-the site Wish to Storage, that bridges the gap between those who have space and who needs

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