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May, 2017

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Brazilian companies raise turnover with international buyers for Apas

5/9/2017 - SÃO PAULO-about 150 Brazilian and fornedores buyers of 23 countries closed last week that trade agre

Crisis changed his habit of buying more than 70% of Brazilians

5/9/2017 - Sao Paulo-the duration of the economic crisis and the strong purchasing power cuts meant that 74% of

Seven companies that can be bought by Apple

5/9/2017 - Apple lives a positive dilemma for many companies. According to the latest quarterly report of the c

Heringer''s profit grew 4.5 times in Q1

5/9/2017 - The fertilizer company''s profit, Heringer grew 4.5 times in the first quarter of 201 compared to th

Price will weigh more on mother''s day shopping

5/9/2017 - Price, promotion and discounts will be the most important factors in buying gifts for mother''s day

42% of food applications are made online form

5/9/2017 - Online platforms represent 42% of requests for delivery of food, shows unprecedented research commis

Products manufactured with aluminum and plastic recycled aseptic carton packs...

5/9/2017 - The potential of recycling of aseptic carton led to Tetra Pak to integrate one more service in your

Rises and falls in prices at online stores can benefit consumers

5/8/2017 - It''s not hard for consumers to postpone purchases or even quit of them motivated by the variation o

Price will speak up on mother''s day shopping

5/8/2017 - The recession knocked the desires of mothers who will receive the gift next Sunday. Price, promotion

Cuisinepro expects to triple turnover this year and mira stores

5/8/2017 - The market for frozen foods is on the rise in Brazil. The CuisinePro, a maker of ready meals, hopes

Abilio Diniz, peninsula, raises stake in BRF to 3.99%

5/8/2017 - São Paulo – the peninsula equity investment firm in the family of businessman Abilio Diniz, raised y

CADE approves purchase of Kirin by Heineken

5/8/2017 - Sao Paulo and Brasilia-the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) yesterday approved the

Demand for flights in Brazil rises 5.4% in March, says Faa

5/8/2017 - SAO PAULO-the demand for domestic flights in Brazil advanced 5,40% in March over the same month last

Phillips 66 announces new focus on chemical industry and pipelines

5/8/2017 - The American energy multinational Phillips 66 believes should get back their investments in the chem

Syngenta''s shareholders accept the offer of $ Chemchina bi $43

5/5/2017 - BEIJING-China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) reported that shareholders of Swiss agribusiness gi

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