Friday, May 12, 2017

Prices attract and Cowpea production grows in MT

The "high" level of prices is increasing the production of beans in the State. According to the eighth survey released today by the national supply company (Conab), Mato Grosso will have 10.7% increase in the area planted with Cowpea second crop from 169,000 hectares to 187,100. According to Conab, there is a good market expectation, with some squares reaching R $170 the bag of 60 pounds. The estimated production in 228,300 tonnes (compared to 127,800 tons last crop) should begin to be harvested in the second half of this month. In the State, the Middle region-North focuses more than half of the area devoted to culture. The estimated income for the current crop of 1,220 kg/ha, compared to 756 kg/ha in the previous harvest, 61.4% variation. Cowpea first harvest – In Mato Grosso crop was also terminated. The balance of the crop 2016/17 was positive for culture, whose acreage has registered an increase of 60%, jumping from 4000 hectares in the period 2015/16 to 6400 hectares in the current. The productivity reached average yield of 1,200 kg/ha, 66.7% performance superior to 720 kg/ha obtained in the previous harvest, which, according to Conab, "recorded low rainfall that affected crop yields significantly. The company foresees a production of legumes 165.5% higher than the 2015/16 period from 2900 tons to 7700 tonnes
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