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Sale of digital content grows with advance electronic platforms

Sao Paulo-the success of e-commerce goes far beyond the sale of electronics and apparel, coming also differentiated content. The so-called infoproducts come conquering more and more space in the '' virtual '' booths, companies that expose and disseminate these materials and who rely on a network of affiliates commissioned.
In this genre of marketing, producers do not sell something physical, but a kind of '' knowledge '': tips and lessons through video classes, e-books, handouts, podcasts, among other forms of ad-all in digital form. Affiliates act as '' commercial '' representatives, which discloses the product and are commissioned according to the selling by producers themselves.
Largest in the sector in the country, the Hotmart has 800,000 registered users and more than 70000 registered digital products. The rival Monetizze currently has 500,000 users and 6000 infoproducts for sale. The companies estimate that, in 2016, this market has generated some R $1 billion, with uptrend in 2017.
"This segment stands for democracy, because anyone can become a digital entrepreneur and have their products sold in the online environment," says the virtual business specialist, Bruno Pinheiro. According the consulted content on weight loss and wellness, about contests and language courses tend to be the most sold.
"Online sales grow every day, with more access to the internet, more access to information and, consequently, more shopping. The virtual shopping is more comfortable. With the affiliate network, we give what it takes to sell a particular product, "explains the founder CEO of Monetizze, Marcio Motta, noting that content producers don''t have to worry about the payment intermediation-held by the platform itself. "The conversion is much higher with other people selling for you, complete Motta, who already reports in 2017 1 sales 50% larger than 2016.
The strengthening of such platform should be one of the factors that will boost the growth of 12% in e-commerce designed by the Brazilian Association of Commerce (ABComm) in 2017. In the same period, experts point out that the market infoproducts and their sales platforms coming doubling in size.
Today many affiliates fail to live it and use that medium, through affiliation, such as family income and subsequently to create companies of this segment as well, according to the customer success Manager of Hotmart, Fernando Guimarães. "The person who would like to work from home and do not know how to, can start that way. Can still be an alternative to unemployment, in which the person can identify, join and create your own business, this free of charge to register ", analyzes.
Advance on receivables
One of the advantages we offer platforms for producers and sellers is the anticipation of receivables, in which affiliates can receive the value by which it sold its products on the same day or within a few days, instead of the common term of payments via the internet.
"The affiliate has an income that depends how he invests. If he invests in its products, may have a higher income. This anticipation allows a cash flow to help in his business, "says Guimarães, of Hotmart, that charges interest of 3.99% for 30 days of anticipation. "You can draw on the same day of sale with anticipation. It''s usually pretty bad wait for who bankroll campaigns and other promotions. If the person has no capital, even worse. So we give the money to them, so they can sell more, "adds the Monetizze-Motta, which charges a rate of 5.49%.
Another way for consumers to have access to the product is through the tool of recurrence, in which they can '' sign '' a product for a certain time, and pay in proportion to what was consumed. "Most producers use the recurrence as a means of delivery, both on the credit card slip. Works like a subscription to a content (course, application, etc) and used for a time, often with a smaller value, "illustrates Fernando Guimarães.
For the dissemination of infoproducts, affiliates use a series of digital marketing tools that can present the content to more people. "Google, Facebook and the Outbrain, with their form of discharge, are preferred by users in time to make the propaganda of a given product," Marcio Motta.
The demand for products sold to achieve a real profit is the biggest motivation for the producer get new forms of dissemination. "The business model of infoprodutor is for scale, that is, the more people buy your product, the more your billing. To achieve a large number of people, the infoprodutores also invest in buying traffic, i.e., seek to find their "customers" in online marketing campaigns ", says the expert Bruno Pinheiro.
According to those consulted, it is natural that affiliates seek other ways to leverage the products to increase the number of sales, but the expectation is that the virtual booths to dominate the market of infoproducts including in that respect. "The market infoproducts, see platforms so dominating the market especially by the framework that we give to it. We deliver for them not only a platform, but an entire system that allows them to have a better result, "argues Guimarães, of Hotmart.
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