Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Vibrating Group extends the product mix and focuses on expansion

The expansion of the product mix and the expansion of activities to other States of the country is the goal of the Group Vibrates to 2017. In the first half of the year-the company with headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul and Parana and Minas Gerais-brand presence in the southern region and advances gradually to the South-East, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, its products are available in the Guabanara and global networks.
With the concept "healthier for you to give more flavor", NAT. brings together a portfolio of chicken-based products and frozen colds. And, soon, will launch the line of sausages.
For the development of nat brand. The Group devoted two years to research Vibrates and tests to enter the Brazilian market with quality cuts. According to the company, the chickens are fed 100% vegetable ration, are not treated with therapeutic antibiotics, and as in other company cuts, don''t have this hormone. On the packaging of colds is used the controlled atmosphere. Technology guarantees a longer storage of the meat, while preserving the color, texture and softness for longer. The tray is 100% recyclable. We already frozen in IQF system, the meat is frozen, are loose pieces, that facilitate consumption, packed in packaging practice opens and closes.
The line of chicken sausages Spices of the world is another innovation. The products are prepared with chicken steaks – chest and thighs – 100% natural spices and less sodium. The Group has been around for 40 years, Chatters has 14 production plants and 4000 employees. In addition to meeting the domestic market, also provides its products to 35 countries.
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