Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ES: cocoa of Linhares is among the 50 best in the world

In the year that commemorates the centenary of the first Lawrence cocoa in Espírito Santo, a historic achievement for the municipality was conquered by rural producer Emir Macedo Gomes Filho. Almond cocoa produced for him, on fazenda São Luiz, was the only Brazil''s chosen among the 50 best samples of world, in one of the qualifying stages for the Chocolate Hall of Paris, considered the "World Cup" of Chocolate. This is the second time that the cocoa produced by Emir participates in the contest. The first placement came in 2013, in which also was among the 50 best. From then on, with investments in new cultivars and incessant search for a higher quality product, Emir managed to overcome and achieved the first place in the country in quality of the cocoa almonds. "The news that we have been chosen among the 50 best in the world is a dream come true for me. My joy is not bigger because I was the only one in the country to be classified in that setting, but I am very happy with this result, "celebrated Emir. The Chocolate Lounge in Paris takes place from October 28 to November 1st and will reward the best Cocoas 16 among all countries. The cacauicultor said she hoped to be among the 16 best in the world this year. The third generation of a family of cacauicultores, the producer of Lawrence explained the steps to achieve a cocoa and chocolate: selective harvesting of almonds "Our cocoa stands out for its careful selective harvest of almonds, timing of maturation and natural drying in the sunlight that causes has at the end a big cocoa with the fruity flavor, ideas to make a good chocolate. We use the method of cultivation '' cabruca '', which makes planting along with da mata, ensuring the balance of the ecosystem and the production of higher-quality almonds. We say that 50% of chocolate is the cocoa and the other 50% the production of it, "said Emir Macedo Gomes Filho. On property of more than 300 hectares, with over 70000 feet of cocoa, Emir invests in a nursery where are produced eight of the main varieties of cacao planted in the region. More resistant to pests and with high productivity, he states that the secret of success in farming, is in choosing the best plan and the appropriate. Seeking to add value to the end it produces, the cacauicultor also started rendering of part of its almonds, managing to manufacture a chocolate with high concentration of cocoa butter, especially by the most refined taste. "Our goal is to expand this process and in future win greater space in the end market," he concluded.
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