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Long-life milk is present in 91.5% of Brazilian households; Pasteurized and f...

7/16/2019 - Whether it's the basis of child nutrition, breakfast or other meals, milk and its derivatives are ri

Digital experiences in retail increase from 4% to 8% revenue from brands

7/16/2019 - In a world where the consumer is more and more tech addict (addicted to technology), the brands need

Suzano launches special paper for the production of Straits

7/16/2019 - Suzano has just launched in the market the Loop, a role specially developed for the production of st

Trade balance records surplus of US $696 million in the second week of July

7/16/2019 - The Brazilian trade balance had a surplus of US $696 million in the second week of July, according t

Volume of services in May is 1.1% below the visa in December 2018

7/15/2019 - With the zero variation in the volume of services rendered in May before April, in the series with s

Management and new portfolio are targets of medium-sized magistral pharmacies

7/15/2019 - With the increase of representativeness in terms of turnover within the segment of handling pharmaci

Lactalis finalizes acquisition of Itambé

7/15/2019 - The Central cooperative of rural producers of Minas Gerais (CCPR) announces the realization of the s

After four months in decline, economic activity returns to rise in May, indic...

7/15/2019 - After four consecutive falls, the level of activity of the Brazilian economy recorded a slight high

Retail records new low in sales in May and maintains PIFIO performance

7/12/2019 - With retraction of 0.1% in the sales volume in May over the previous month, the retail sector still

Benefited by high prices, export should be record

7/12/2019 - With a record export expectation, the production of maize from Brazil continues to benefit from a hi

China exports fall in June with U.S. tariffs

7/12/2019 - China's exports fell in June, when the United States increased commercial pressure, while imports sh

NET is no longer an independent brand and is incorporated into the Claro

7/12/2019 - NET left this Thursday (11) to be an independent brand and became part of Claro. The services for th

Increased coffee consumption is insufficient to balance prices, says Carlos B...

7/11/2019 - In the II World Coffee Producers Forum, held in Campinas, Carlos Brando, Marketing specialist, warne

Online advertising growth falls and should reach 2001 level

7/11/2019 - Global advertising spending should grow 4.6% in 2019, a drop compared to previous estimates, with in

Grupo Prysmian invests R $150 mi for Internet

7/11/2019 - The expansion of the network coverage in the Brazilian territory should generate greater demand for

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