Friday, March 22, 2019

Price of the diapers fall 20.7% compared to last year, says Procon

Research done by the State last week, Procon identified a fall in prices of disposable diapers in the trades of Campo Grande. The Superintendence for guidance and consumer protection visited at least 21 establishments – nine pharmacies and twelve supermarkets – and the difference in values was felt in relation to the product of the same brand who in different locations. An example checked is what occurs in Atacadão, which sells the 36 pack disposable diapers Huggies supreme brand size M for the price of R $23.90, while the same product can be found by R $76.99 in Carrefour, a difference of at least 222.13%. The Atacadão was listed and checked items 30, 20 of them presented a low price, a completely different contrast of Popular Price Pharmacy of the same 20 products listed, obtained the higher prices. Last year, a similar survey was conducted last year and 11 products suffered to 20.74% reduction in prices, as in the case of diaper Cremer Disney Baby. However, the diaper Mamipoko brand raised their prices on a percentage of 95.51%. The Procon-MS deduces that with research, it was possible to diagnose that it pays to buy the diapers in supermarkets since the products listed, performed about of 70 cheaper items, unlike the pharmacies that only got a lower price to 40 products.
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