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April, 2019

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Enel São Paulo reverses losses and profits R$69 mi in 1° quarter

4/25/2019 - São Paulo — Enel Energy Distribution distributor São Paulo (ex-Eletropaulo) reported a net profit of

Via Retail should intensify regionalized performance to win market

4/25/2019 - After obtaining R $49 million loss in the first quarter of 2019, the retailer Via Retail – SP marks

Order of hand luggage outside of the pattern begins on Thursday in 4 airports...

4/25/2019 - The Brazilian Airlines began this month to intensify the monitoring of the size of hand baggage of p

Bradesco's net profit of $5.8 billion in the first quarter R, high of 30%

4/25/2019 - Bradesco announced on Thursday (25) have recorded accounting net income of $5.82 billion in the firs

Government freight table updates with average 4.13% readjustment after high o...

4/25/2019 - The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) published on Wednesday (24) in the Official Gazette a new

Brazilians believe that inflation will be of 5.3% over the next 12 months

4/24/2019 - The median expectation of Brazilian consumers for inflation over the next 12 months is 5.3%, accordi

Under the sale of beauty products

4/24/2019 - While retailers still expect clear signs of resumption, beauty and hygiene items maintains good resu

Mary Food 10% in 2019 is projected to grow

4/24/2019 - With a presence in 20 countries, the projected 10% grow Food Mary in 2019. Specializing in cheese b

Coca-Cola Registers profit of $ Bi $1.68 in 1st Qtr

4/24/2019 - The Coca-Cola Company recorded profit of $ $1.68 billion in the first quarter of 2019, which repres

Sales of mobile phones Have fall of 6.8% in 2018

4/24/2019 - Smartphone sales fell 6.8 percent in Brazil in 2018, totaling 46.9 million units, according to rese

Magazine Luiza begins selling books online

4/24/2019 - The Magazine Luiza announced yesterday that it will enter the online marketplace to sell physical bo

Panorama of OPEN market addresses the influence of lifestyle on the buying ha...

4/23/2019 - Under the theme "lifestyle: the new wave that governs the consumer – and as acting companies that ha

P&G beats profit forecasts and revenue in the third fiscal quarter

4/23/2019 - São Paulo — Procter & Gamble (P&G) recorded a net profit of $ $2.776 billion in your third fiscal qu

The future of Flávio Augusto and Carlos Group Wizard, with R $200 e more

4/23/2019 - The group, which has the Education Wiser entrepreneurs Flávio Augusto da Silva and Carlos Wizard Mal

Nestle wants to grow in the market of coffee in Brazil

4/23/2019 - In order to expand your presence in the sector of premium coffees in Brazil, Nestlé will invest R $

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