Monday, April 15, 2019

Amstel creates Dutch village to sell beer

"People don't drink beer, take marketing." That phrase was repeated by Freddy Heineken, Dutch brewery President and heir of 1971 to 1989. To make people "take more marketing" just not enough TV commercials. This is where Hands-on Agency in Sao Paulo. This time, the creators of campaigns in the form of events like Heineken Up On The Roof – which held parties on the tops of iconic buildings of São Paulo – will assemble a Dutch village in São Paulo for the Amstel, second mark of the brewery. The District of Amstel will bring a bit of Amsterdam for the Victor Civita Square, in Pinheiros, in the next two weekends. The concept continues to be party closed: to participate, people must sign up days before on the website of the brand. The scenario will reproduce some of the architecture of the Dutch capital, in addition to known points, like the Red Light District, the red-light district of the city. On day 27, the space will celebrate the day of the King, popular holiday in the Netherlands, with all dressed in Orange. "The intention is to strengthen the international attribute of the brand," says Marcelo Lenhard, founder and President of Hands, agency that specializes in this type of campaign. Lenhard, second, that a thousand people a day pass by "district". Volume But as an event with the participation of a maximum of 4000 people in four days, can help a beer depends on the sale of millions of litres per month? "What counts is actually the impact beyond the party," explains the publicist. The "Holy Grail" is to make the party fall into the mouth of the people. The recipe has been tested at other times, in two similar events made for Heineken Beer. Although the events are restricted, the participants were the buzz spread, posting photos on their social networks. Creativity also drew the attention of the press. "In total, 5500 people have been to the Party (the Heineken Block). But 275 have been published articles about the action. And we had more than 355 million of points of contact with the brand (posts and tanned), "Lenhard. This type of event serves to spread the concept of a brand, says Fernanda Elouise Budag, Coordinator of the study group, consumption and communication College marks Paulus of technology and communication. "That is, the exclusive event generates buzz and go universal education". Generate buzz is the Hands-on business, founded 18 years ago. "We didn't have any client. We came up with an event and we were present for Coca-Cola Femsa. They liked it and they hire us, "recalls Lenhard. From then on, the Hands specializes in undercover campaigns for several brands: Chevrolet, Microsoft, Google, Pernod Ricard. After a while investing in the brand, Heineken Brewery, which also owns the Schin, decided to migrate the investment for the Amstel – which is in the middle of the two "extremes". "We can't talk on numbers, but sales of Amstel grow your double digits since launch in 2015," says Renan Ciccone, brand marketing manager. Positioned between the mid-priced beers, Amstel has an important position, since this segment accounts for 60% of sales in the category. Risks trying to strengthen international attributes with a closed party can hide a trap for the Amstel, says Adalbert Viviani, consultant specializing in beverages. "The Heineken brand also has these characteristics. Can happen there an overlap of portfolio, i.e. a trademark cannibalize the other. " Ciccone doesn't believe that. One of the purposes of the event, according to him, is to tell the history of the brand, that when, in 1870, when it was made with water from the river Amstel in Amsterdam. The identification of Heineken, says, it's with a more global culture.
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