Friday, April 05, 2019

BOPP: porto seguro in industrialized breads

Amid the hemorrhage of deficit balances in the manufacture in General, a breath of fresh air emanating from a little hyped packaging biorietados polypropylene film (BOPP): the industrialized breads segment. Over 2018, food sales reached R $5.216 billion against R$5,134 a year earlier, a survey commissioned by the Brazilian Association points of Biscuits, pasta and breads & Cakes (Abimapi) Industrial. In volume, following the study, the balance of 2018 accuses linearity versus 2017 2018 results, with a slight decline of 0.7% evidenced in sales over 400,000 tons. The loaves was considered stable by the Abimapi, in contrast with the indentation on the order of 5% found in the niche of tubes, followed by hot dog and hamburger. In the current selfie, the Brazil registers 1.92 kg per capita consumption of processed breads and a proof of the potential for sales growth is at 79.8% penetration, delimits annual survey of Abimapi.
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