Thursday, April 11, 2019

Panorama of OPEN market addresses the influence of lifestyle on the buying habits of consumers

Under the theme "lifestyle: the new wave that governs the consumer – and as acting companies that have realized this trend", the Panorama of OPEN Market will address the changes that are perceived in our society in the search for a new style of life more saudáve l, ethical, conscientious and how they are reflected in the consumption and purchase decisions. The event will bring important brands that have ever connected to this new position and to share your experience and understanding so that, from that, to be outlined opportunities and attention points in products and packaging. Among the confirmed speakers are: • Ifood – Vitor Magnani, Public Affairs, comm. & Corporate Social Responsibility, who will speak about the changes in consumer habits, business and work • Souvie organic cosmetics – Breno Banerjee, CEO, who will address the theme "sustainability, technology and purpose: the organic came to stay" • Biowash-Becky Weltzien, Director, showing the importance of sustainability and innovation in domestic hygiene products • Vitao-Oyvind Sequinel, Manager Product development, which will bring the issue of healthy eating and your influence in the lives of people • WNutritional – Daniel Feferbaum, CEO, who will address the theme "the world outside the commodity – the need to innovate" places are limited. Go to sign up. Event information: date: 25 April 2019 hours: the 8:00 at 6:00 pm location: CCBC – r. do Rócio, 220 – Vila Olímpia, São Paulo/SP
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