Monday, April 15, 2019

With inovabra habitat, Bradesco, startups outweigh R mark $600 mi

The more than 190 startups housed in the so-called "inovabra habitat", coinovação space of Bradesco, achieved revenues of over $600 million R after move to the environment that complete a year. The figure represents 55% jump over the previous year. With respect to the amount of employees, the increase was even greater, of 60% since landed in space, located on AV. Angelica in Sao Paulo. #tamojunto. In addition to the startups, the inovabra habitat managed to assemble 70 large enterprises still and eight investment funds. In a year, were more than 90 contracts sealed between the occupants of the room.
O Estado de S.Paulo - 14/04/2019 News Item translated automatically
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