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Consume requires excellence in purchasing experience, dis search

More and more the consumer experience will be the protagonist in innovation strategies. This is one of the insights from the research "CXM Index 2019", made by Adobe with more than 1,500 adults in the United States. By analyzing the preferences and expectations about digital experience in different sectors, it became clear that consumers between 18 and 34 years old require that the shopping experience be innovative and meet their needs. The research also shows that the younger, the higher the consumer's expectations about brands. In numbers, this means that of every ten people aged between 18 and 34 years, nine affirmed that they take an attitude when they are not well attended. Among the most common are to tell friends, avoid the store or brand and negatively evaluate on websites or social networks. Consumers over 35 years of age are less likely to act digitally against a company, but rather complain directly to it in case of negative experience. Retail According to Adobe's research, retail consumers in general who buy over the Internet expect to receive email after a purchase. More than 40% of them want to be informed about the purchase via text message at the time the order is sent. However, it is important to know that every four consumers, one of them does not want to respond to post-purchase feedback. For 68% of younger consumers a bad experience with an online retailer is having to re-enter information. Of the clients over 35 years old, abandoning the cart after a bad experience is the main reaction of 40% of respondents. The survey also reveals that checkout is crucial for the shopping experience and the best indicator of sales and customer satisfaction. Travel & Hospitality In the travel industry, the survey shows that four out of 10 respondents expect to receive a message from the airline about delays in their flight. Another interesting data is that the application is a key point that can be a positive or negative differential in the experience. Checking in to hotels, as well as having the hotel room set up with your preferences indicated via app, (alarm clock, temperature, for example) are services that impress respondents by Adobe. For respondents, other services that contribute to a good travel experience are: · Automatic remarking of a delayed flight · Travel booking Site with lower price alerts · Immediate hotel response via social network On the other hand, the cancellation of the trip is the most negative experience in all sectors surveyed. Financial Services The experience of users of financial services in the online environment is satisfactory for 75% of the survey participants who used sites and 76% for mobile applications. The attendance made by chats or phone reached 78% satisfaction, the highest in all categories analyzed. Among the improvements that can be made the participants cited anticipation to the needs of the consumer both on the site and in the application. Media & Entertainment Younger consumers perceived evolution in media and entertainment experience. Smartphone apps were the ones that had the most improvements for people aged 18 to 34 years, especially those location-based apps. However, augmented reality technology as a source of information is the main experience. Second, the food ordering applications, followed by devices with IoT for access to shows and events, appears. In this sector, the most negative experience highlighted by the interviewees was the slowness of the Internet at the time of watching a movie or online content.
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