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Thefts Cause prejudice to 2.25% in turnover

7/20/2018 - Brazilian trade losses associated with burglaries, thefts and operational problems cause a prejudice to 2.25% of the net revenue of establishments. The survey was conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Retail executives and Consumer Market (IBEVAR). According to the study, supermarkets, the stolen products are sweets and drinks with (50%) and pants and shoes in fashion shops. On the world scene, the national retail registers the most losses when compared to countries like United States (1.27%),

BBM see revenues grow 56% Logistics in the first sem18 and mira new acquisition

7/20/2018 - Even with the effects of the truckers ' strike in may, saw revenue grow your Logistics BBM 56% in the first half of this year over the same range of 2017, to $253 million. Now, after the integration of the companies acquired at the start of the year, the Transeich advice and Transeich general stores, the BBM will return to the market for a new purchase, an eye to expand. The forecast of the company is closing the year with revenues of $700 million R, double the figure seen in 2017. With that, th

Trade movement grow 3.1% in 1st half

7/20/2018 - The movement of trade in Brazil grew 3.1 percent in the first half of this year, shows data from the Boa Vista SCPC. Already in June compared with may, in assessing purged of seasonal factors, the activity rose 1%, showing recovery after the Teamsters ' strike. In the past twelve months, the indicator advanced 4.5 percent.

Natura reinforces project for the conservation of the Amazon

7/20/2018 - Already recognized for its practices in the subject environmental sustainability, Natura is giving one more step in this direction and this time aiming to contain the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, engaging family producers in the region on preservation of nature . With the project baptized Circular Carbon, the health and beauty company will pay annually the communities and families of small farmers not only inputs purchased and benefits ' sharing for access to traditional knowledge and

Wine Sales Grow 18.5% in 2018

7/20/2018 - The marketing of wines grew 18.5 percent in the first four months of 2018 compared to the same period last year. The statement is the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin), which indicated still 44% advance in exports of drink and the projection to end the year with an increase above 30%. According to international studies, Brazil will be the fifth largest buyer of wine in the world in 2030. According to Ibravin, the Brazilian wine already has 62% market share and the goal for the second half is to

Condor invests R $15 million to open hypermarket in Campo Mourão

7/20/2018 - With more than 20000 items distributed by 5000 m2 of sales area, was opened yesterday the Hyper Condor in the city of Campo Mourão. Among the highlights of the new store, is the appreciation of regional products. An example is in the bakery sector, with inputs of Coamo and technical support of the cooperative, whose headquarters are in the town. In addition, 100% of the cooperative's product line will be available in the new hypermarket.

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