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Ben Jerry's ice cream parlor & debut in Bahia

10/30/2017 - A month after opening your first operation in the southern region in Curitiba, ParkShopping Barigüi in, Ben Jerry's, mark & American ice cream, opens next Tuesday (31), your first unit in Bahia, in Salvador Shopping.

Nike wants to Expand with New Bias

10/30/2017 - Nike's reframing your distribution strategy with third parties and is developing ways to expand their own stores.

Salty line cocktail is the novelty of the Fabian

10/30/2017 - The Fabian, mining company of frozen, salted Cocktail line, in 400 and 800 g.

Yogurt Transforms Toys packaging

10/30/2017 - The Yogurt, mark of Groupe Danone, closed a partnership with the toy stores Ri Happy with the goal of transforming their packaging in blocks.

COOP Brings Christmas pudding in partnership with Nestlé

10/30/2017 - Coop-cooperative of consumption reveals that, for this year, the expectation is to sell 360 tons of Christmas pudding of own brand delights of Coop, 12.5% higher volume to 2016.

Suzano can remove 100,000 tonnes pulp capacity in 2018

10/30/2017 - São PAULO Suzano mapped 100,000 tons of pulp production capacity that could be withdrawn by the company on the market next year, said the President of pulp and paper producer, Walter Schalka, said Friday.

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