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Suzano purchase Fibria and creates giant pulp and paper

3/16/2018 - São Paulo – the BNDES (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social) approved, on Thursday, the merger between Fibria and Suzano Papel e Celulose.

The country's most expensive lunch in the Southeast

3/16/2018 - The worker in the Southeast and using meal voucher (electronic or paper) is that worn more for lunch away from home. That's what research shows average price of Meal disclosed by the Brazilian Association of benefit to the employee (ABBT).

Mobile already represents 48% of online retail sales in Brazil

3/16/2018 - In Brazil, retailers investing in sales via web and mobile app already have 48% of online transactions made on mobile devices. In addition, the purchases made by desktop, 22% of sales are preceded by a click on the mobile environment. The data of the study Analysis of E-commerce in the world, for the last quarter of 2017, Criteo, leader in technology for commerce marketing.

The new skills are required for the elderly also

3/16/2018 - You've probably heard that to survive in the new economy and the changing world of technology, people need to learn new skills. But the image that popped into your head must have been young people in college or graduates taking courses online. But Monica Flores, President of the ManpowerGroup for Latin America, argues that this vision has to change. And fast.

Flow in Shopping Advances 4.5% in February

3/16/2018 - The visitor flow in shopping malls of Brazil grew up 4.53% in February compared to the previous year, in a sign of acceleration in the face of the growth of 2.4% in January, reported on Wednesday (14) the Brazilian Association of Shopping centres (Abrasce).

The Virtual world as a complement for toys

3/16/2018 - Although the current reality is a favorable scenario, the virtual wave's growth has been a major challenge for the manufacturers of toys, which had to adapt. The key change was to unite the experiences into a single toy. And that could be done in several ways.

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