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Paints MC follows expansion plan and incorporates Watercolor Group

9/22/2017 - Sao Paulo-the retailer Paints MC announces the incorporation of Watercolor paints, Group Art paints and Inks, Red River company active in retail business for over 20 years and ahead of 27 units own focused on automotive paint and real estate for sale.

Super R $80 million until 2018 to invest Our

9/22/2017 - Sao Paulo-the Super miner Our group, which owns the supermarket chain Super Our and the ' atacarejo ' support Miner, plans to invest R $80 million by the end of 2018. The amount shall be aimed, mainly, the opening of new units. Until then, at least 14 more stores are to be opened.

Jundiá Expands Portfolio with Popsicle Greek Cookies

9/22/2017 - The ice cream Jundiá extends the Greek Family to launch, with exclusivity in the Brazilian market, the Popsicle Greek Cookies-cookie type biscuit pieces.

Halipar wants to increase Participation in Rio

9/22/2017 - The power sector Halipar group wants to expand in 15%, by the end of 2018, the presence of its brands in Rio de Janeiro.

Conab: coffee production in 2017 must decrease 12.8% to 44,770,000 bags

9/22/2017 - São Paulo, 21/9-brazilian coffee crop in 2017, almost all taken, should reach 44,770,000 bags of 60 kg.

BRF Announces resumption of plant in Goiás facing Muslim market

9/22/2017 - The BRF announced the gradual resumption of your factory in Jataí in Goiás, from January 2018. It is expected to produce up to 40000 tonnes of food a year, facing the Muslim market (halal).

National product help toy industry to grow 10% in year

9/22/2017 - Sao Paulo-the toy industry should grow around 10 percent this year, to $6.6 billion, with an increase of the participation of the national product. The increase, however, will be pulled by items with lower average prices.

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