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Klöckner Pentaplast increases production in Brazil

5/21/2018 - Is to prevent or cure, the health market expand is always the best medicine. Eyes open to this precept and closed to the volatile economy and the monotony German policy Klöckner Pentaplast boasts in the media the decision to invest €5 million in unspecified capacity of movies to pharmaceuticals and medical use of your subsidiary in Cotia, São Paulo.

B2B online should move over R $2 trillion this year

5/21/2018 - The deals signed in digital environment between companies, or Business-to-Business (B2B) should jog R $2.04 trillion in 2018, according to estimates released yesterday by the E-Consulting.

Sale of Walmart Brazil can reach R $8 billion

5/21/2018 - The array of Walmart admitted yesterday that it is considering options for the company's businesses in Brazil. The statement was given by Chief Financial Officer Brett Biggs, during a teleconference with analysts.

Pestle has a new look

5/21/2018 - The brand of coffee Pestle has a new look. According to the company, the intent is to change the way that the Brazilian coffee stores. The new system Opens & Closes (with zipper) was thought to consumers who seek to maintain the quality of the product any longer, since it protects your aroma and flavor.

Retail Advances 2.1% in April, says ICVA

5/21/2018 - The Brazilian retail sector registered growth of 2.1% in April, compared with the same period of 2017-discounting inflation that focuses on the retail sector expanded basket. The survey was conducted by index Cielo Expanded retail (ICVA)

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