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Volume of services in May is 1.1% below the visa in December 2018

7/15/2019 - With the zero variation in the volume of services rendered in May before April, in the series with seasonal adjustment, the service sector recorded the second month of relief, but is still 1.1% below the level verified in December 2018, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). In relation to the highest point of the monthly Service Survey (PMS) series, the volume of services rendered in May was 11.8% below that recorded in January 2014-the series starts in 2012. According to t

Management and new portfolio are targets of medium-sized magistral pharmacies

7/15/2019 - With the increase of representativeness in terms of turnover within the segment of handling pharmacies, small and medium-sized networks invest in professionalization in the management and expansion of the product portfolio for consumers. "Since the beginning of the economic crisis, in 2015, the segment has proved to be quite resilient in this scenario, with an average growth in the number of units of 8.8%

Lactalis finalizes acquisition of Itambé

7/15/2019 - The Central cooperative of rural producers of Minas Gerais (CCPR) announces the realization of the sale of Itambé to Lactalis, suspended in the middle of 2018. The acquisition is 100% of the capital of the mining company by the French group. The completion of the business became possible from an agreement globally signed between Lactalis and the Mexican group Lala, definitively resolving the transfer of Itambé to the French multinational. The Union of companies creates a power with revenues of a

After four months in decline, economic activity returns to rise in May, indic...

7/15/2019 - After four consecutive falls, the level of activity of the Brazilian economy recorded a slight high in May, in comparison with the month of April, according to the figures disclosed by the Central Bank (BC) on Monday (15).

Long-life milk is present in 91.5% of Brazilian households; Pasteurized and f...

7/16/2019 - Whether it's the basis of child nutrition, breakfast or other meals, milk and its derivatives are right choices in shopping carts around the world. Therefore, given the importance of the item in food habits, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO) elected the date of June 01 as World Milk Day. In Brazil, Kantar's study confirms the popularity of the beverage and points out that the UHT type or long life, has penetration in 91.5% of households.

Digital experiences in retail increase from 4% to 8% revenue from brands

7/16/2019 - In a world where the consumer is more and more tech addict (addicted to technology), the brands needed to reinvent themselves. To accompany the new customer profile, retail restrucated to impact and engage the consumer directly at the point of Sale (POS). It was necessary to transform the store into a more sensory and immersive environment, enhancing the shopping experience.

Suzano launches special paper for the production of Straits

7/16/2019 - Suzano has just launched in the market the Loop, a role specially developed for the production of straits. The novelty will meet the global segment of Straits.

Trade balance records surplus of US $696 million in the second week of July

7/16/2019 - The Brazilian trade balance had a surplus of US $696 million in the second week of July, according to this Monday (15) The Ministry of Economics.

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