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India: Countdown to single-use plastic

9/28/2018 - The India program for 2022 the entry into force of one of the world's most comprehensive prohibitions applied on disposable plastic artifacts, according to the study "Rethinking single use plastics" (Rethinking single-use plastics "), published in August by the perspectives and solutions

Construction machinery industry grows in the country, but far from the record

9/28/2018 - With slightly higher than expected performance for 2018, the construction machinery sector awaits a policy definition and for the return of major works to grow vigorously. The total market should reach 10500 machines this year, well below the record of 2013. "We started the year pessimistic, after the weak level of 2017, which was about 8000 machines. To give you an idea, in 2013 the market reached 30000 units, "says Vice President of Case Construction to Latin America, Roque Kings.

Holding of restaurants want to have 90% of direct negotiations with producer

9/28/2018 - Focusing on the Rio-São Paulo, the holding company Hervilha intends to break the traditional trading structure of inputs within the foodservice segment. The goal of the group is to increase by up to 90% the participation of local producers in total purchases of inputs.

Sale in Rio de Janeiro shrinks 4%

9/28/2018 - August recorded the eighth consecutive year negative result in sales of trade retailer of Rio de Janeiro. In the eight months compared to the same period last year there were 4.3% indentation.

Marketplace buy time for new law

9/28/2018 - The markeplaces won an extension to fit the new rules of the Central Bank (Bacen) for performance. The new term runs until March 2019 29 and was a demand for entrepreneurs of all sizes could be updated.

Women are only 13% of companies

9/28/2018 - Although the matter has gained projection, the presence of women on the boards of the companies is still small. The research, conducted by 2018 Woman Panorama Talenses, recruitment and selection, consultancy in partnership with Associate Professor, found that among the 395 companies that reported the position of Adviser, 44% (173) have women with seat. However, the representation is low, since they account for only 1.3 of every 10 advisers.

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