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Russian investor starts to have 70% of the capital of the supermarket chain Dia

5/20/2019 - São Paulo – The Spanish Day supermarket network now has 69.76% of its shares in the hand of the Letterone fund, the Russian investor Mijail Fridman. The position was reported yesterday in fact relevant to the Spanish Securities Commission with the final result of the public offer of shares (OPA).

Itaú develops digital payment platform

5/20/2019 - Itaú Unibanco launched, on Monday (13), the ITI, an open platform of digital payments that will work even for those who are not customers. In the application, payers can register credit cards from any financial institution or crediting amounts to any bank account. ITI can be used in transfers between people and retail payments, through a QR-Code, and makes transfers without charge and offers exclusive benefits-all via mobile. The limit is R $1,000 per day. The platform also guarantees tenants, f

In search of a market value of r$18.00 billion, Neoenergia initiates investor...

5/20/2019 - Neoenergia will start next week the investor presentations – in market jargon, the "investor Education" – for its initial offer of shares (IPO). The company tries to Emscore in the IPO a market value of R $18.4 billion. This is where the company will hit the hammer over the price to try to empt its IPO. The intention is that the offer stay for the end of next month, schedule maintained, so far, even with the increase of volatility in the market.

Cacau Show Studies open stores and buy operations outside Brazil

5/20/2019 - Cacau Show is planning to expand its business to other countries, which can occur through the opening of its own brand stores or through acquisitions of local companies. On the radar are mainly South American countries such as Colombia and Argentina. The idea of internationalization is exciting the founder of Cacau Show, Alexandre Costa, but a limiter for this step has been the difficulty of mapping entrepreneurs considered qualified in neighboring countries to make a network of franchises. From

Snack manufacturers seek to adapt to changes in consumption

5/20/2019 - Manufacturers of snacks show adaptation to the new habits of the consumer, facing an unstable economic scenario and greater concern for health. The sector has recovered in recent years, after being impacted by the crisis.

EDP Brasil launches new brand to sell services and solar energy to customers

5/21/2019 - SÃO PAULO (Reuters)-The Portuguese group EDP intends to advance in the increasingly coveted energy services sector in Brazil with a new brand, which will bring together several solutions of the company for residential customers and companies--a menu that involves since Solar generation facilities and energy efficiency until safe.

Hi sells slice in Cape Verde Telecom for US $26.3 mi

5/21/2019 - SÃO PAULO (Reuters)-Oi closed agreement to sell the participation of 40% held by the subsidiary PT Ventures in Cabo Verde Telecom for 26.3 million dollars, which will terminate arbitration around the asset.

Cade approves Onofre acquisition without restriction, says RD

5/21/2019 - São Paulo – The RD (Raia Drogasil) informs that the general Superintendence of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) approved without restriction the acquisition of the capital of Drogaria Onofre. The proceedings are subject to any recourse or avocation by the Court of the organ within 15 days.

Fleury goes beyond diagnosis with one-day hospital and Health management

5/21/2019 - The almost Centenary group Fleury, one of the most traditional in the field of diagnostic medicine, resurrected the hospital one day, something he had already done before opening the capital in 2009. Starting today, it starts working in São Paulo, the Day Clinic of the brand Fleury within the Center of Excellence Orthopaedic of the group, in the neighborhood of Higienópolis. This is another step of the company that wants to consolidate itself as a health platform, going beyond diagnostic medicin

Free market advances with QR Code payment

5/21/2019 - The paid market, the financial services platform of the free market, advances with the solution of QR Code, the famous squares. The goal is to have 3000 new accredited establishments by June. Among those who have already joined are names like Droga Raia and Drogasil and also the feeding nets Spoleto, king of Mate, Nutty Bavarian, Café do Ponto and Casa pylon.

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