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Mexico: retraction affects the plastic sector

4/9/2019 - The impact of surplus American resin is felt in the international market of polyethylene (PE) but, in particular, in the shooting of prices in Mexico, because of your participation in the Nafta free trade block.

Stop will negotiate cocoa and chocolate in the international fair of São Paulo

4/9/2019 - During a meeting on Monday (8), Sedap, of which goes to the Chocolat Sao Paulo, the President of the Economic development company of Pará (Codec), Lutfala Bitar, emphasized the vertical integration as an alternative to the State out of the extraction and have greater participation in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

Trade sales are stable in February, points IBGE

4/9/2019 - Brazilian retail sales were stable in February, compared with the previous month, after advancing 0.4 percent in January, according to figures released on Tuesday (9) by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE).

With fewer customers, create virtual stores and malls of Central removal

4/9/2019 - The Mall is no longer the same. Pressed by the advancement of online commerce that has changed the way people shop, whether in the physical store, on the small screen of the mobile phone or even mixing various sales channels, the Temple of consumption is reacting to survive. In addition to offering more and more services, space for recreation and convenience, many malls are taking on a new role: begin to become also a species of minicentros of distribution of goods purchased in stores and online

Brazil is ready for digital leap, says study

4/9/2019 - MOUNTAIN VIEW/USA-the Brazilian is ready for the digital revolution, but the country faces challenges ranging from lack of infrastructure, low investment in the technology sector and low productivity. Is that points made by Mckinsey report, in partnership with Brazil at Silicon Valley, Conference organized by Brazilian students from Stanford University with the goal of using innovation and technology to help increase the competitiveness of the country. The event takes place in Mountain View, Cal

Supermarkets speed up in February

4/8/2019 - In February, sales of Brazilian supermarkets recorded high of 2.05% in relation to same month of 2018. Year to date, the growth of 2.51%, in comparison with the same period of the previous year. However, compared to January, the industry introduced drop-5.12%. The data are from the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Open). In the month, the basket of Abrasmercado products surged from 2.12%, from R to R $465.57 $475.44. In the past 12 months, the basket increased 7.35%. In the year, the enti

Coca-Cola's investments reach R bi $3 in 2019

4/8/2019 - On the still uncertain scenario of brazilian economy, Coca-Cola will repeat in the next three years, a strategy similar to the last two: prepare for the long term. On the one hand, will expand its presence in different categories to become a total beverage company ". On the other hand, plans to move forward in returnable packaging, focusing on low-income consumers-leveraging sustainability appeal.

Sales turbine GPA with offers via Extra applications and Sugar Loaf

4/8/2019 - The strategy adopted by the GPA to stimulate consumers with offers tailored to applications received sales of some categories in Extra and Sugarloaf. The participation of fuels, for example, jumped 30 times because of activations done through applications. Bakery, rotisserie, fresh produce and Perfumery more than doubled to your participation in sales.

Sale of beauty care products grew 5% last year

4/8/2019 - While retailers still expect clear signs of resumption, beauty and hygiene items maintains good results. According to Kantar, the sale of this type of products jumped 5 percent last year. In volume over the same period, the high was in 1.3%. What can explain the good performance is the behavior of Brazilians.

CNC: Agro retrieves accumulation of discounts on electricity

4/8/2019 - On Thursday, April 4, the Federal Government published in the Official Gazette Decree No. 9,744, of 3 April 2019, amending Decree No. 7,891, of 23 January 2013, to provide for the cumulative subsidies to irrigation and activity here culture and rural class for consumers of the Group b.

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