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Mexico: retraction affects the plastic sector

4/9/2019 - The impact of surplus American resin is felt in the international market of polyethylene (PE) but, in particular, in the shooting of prices in Mexico, because of your participation in the Nafta free trade block.

Stop will negotiate cocoa and chocolate in the international fair of São Paulo

4/9/2019 - During a meeting on Monday (8), Sedap, of which goes to the Chocolat Sao Paulo, the President of the Economic development company of Pará (Codec), Lutfala Bitar, emphasized the vertical integration as an alternative to the State out of the extraction and have greater participation in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

Trade sales are stable in February, points IBGE

4/9/2019 - Brazilian retail sales were stable in February, compared with the previous month, after advancing 0.4 percent in January, according to figures released on Tuesday (9) by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE).

With fewer customers, create virtual stores and malls of Central removal

4/9/2019 - The Mall is no longer the same. Pressed by the advancement of online commerce that has changed the way people shop, whether in the physical store, on the small screen of the mobile phone or even mixing various sales channels, the Temple of consumption is reacting to survive. In addition to offering more and more services, space for recreation and convenience, many malls are taking on a new role: begin to become also a species of minicentros of distribution of goods purchased in stores and online

Brazil is ready for digital leap, says study

4/9/2019 - MOUNTAIN VIEW/USA-the Brazilian is ready for the digital revolution, but the country faces challenges ranging from lack of infrastructure, low investment in the technology sector and low productivity. Is that points made by Mckinsey report, in partnership with Brazil at Silicon Valley, Conference organized by Brazilian students from Stanford University with the goal of using innovation and technology to help increase the competitiveness of the country. The event takes place in Mountain View, Cal

Event OPENS-lifestyle: the wave governing the new consumer

4/10/2019 - The event will address the changes that are perceived in our society in search of a new healthier lifestyle, ethical, conscientious, and how they are reflected in the consumption and purchase decisions.

Minerva gets approval for IPO of Athena Foods in Chile

4/10/2019 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the exporter of beef Minerva reported on Tuesday that Chilean authorities approved record of the Athena Foods as a publicly-traded company, releasing the progress of the initial public offering (IPO) of the subsidiary on the stock exchange Santiago.

AES Tiete complex purchase of Wind Energy Renews

4/10/2019 - AES Tietê announced this Tuesday, 9, the purchase of the Wind High Complex III of Energy in a deal that Renews can add R $516 million. In addition the Park in operation, the acquisition includes a part of the project that will still be built and a portfolio of 1,100 MW to be developed. The deal still needs approval of the competent organs and also depends on the fulfilment by both sides of some conditions provided for in the contract.

Nubank social network launches to engage more users

4/10/2019 - The fintech Nubank has launched a new platform, the social network NuCommunity. The network will serve to customers of financial services startup taking questions and receive information about the company. The more engaged members of the social network will have early access to new features of the company.

Manufacturers projected another year of growth pulled by retail

4/10/2019 - The building materials industry predicts that 2019 will be more a year pulled by retail and small reforms. Companies are still waiting for greater political stability for the resumption of investment in major projects and the real estate market.

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