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Event OPENS-lifestyle: the wave governing the new consumer

4/10/2019 - The event will address the changes that are perceived in our society in search of a new healthier lifestyle, ethical, conscientious, and how they are reflected in the consumption and purchase decisions.

Minerva gets approval for IPO of Athena Foods in Chile

4/10/2019 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the exporter of beef Minerva reported on Tuesday that Chilean authorities approved record of the Athena Foods as a publicly-traded company, releasing the progress of the initial public offering (IPO) of the subsidiary on the stock exchange Santiago.

AES Tiete complex purchase of Wind Energy Renews

4/10/2019 - AES Tietê announced this Tuesday, 9, the purchase of the Wind High Complex III of Energy in a deal that Renews can add R $516 million. In addition the Park in operation, the acquisition includes a part of the project that will still be built and a portfolio of 1,100 MW to be developed. The deal still needs approval of the competent organs and also depends on the fulfilment by both sides of some conditions provided for in the contract.

Nubank social network launches to engage more users

4/10/2019 - The fintech Nubank has launched a new platform, the social network NuCommunity. The network will serve to customers of financial services startup taking questions and receive information about the company. The more engaged members of the social network will have early access to new features of the company.

Manufacturers projected another year of growth pulled by retail

4/10/2019 - The building materials industry predicts that 2019 will be more a year pulled by retail and small reforms. Companies are still waiting for greater political stability for the resumption of investment in major projects and the real estate market.

Panorama of OPEN market addresses the influence of lifestyle on the buying ha...

4/11/2019 - Under the theme "lifestyle: the new wave that governs the consumer – and as acting companies that have realized this trend", the Panorama of OPEN Market will address the changes that are perceived in our society in the search for a new style of life more saudáve l, ethical, conscientious and how they are reflected in the consumption and purchase decisions.

B2w confirms negotiating purchase of Netshoes

4/11/2019 - Owner of the brands and Submarino, B2W confirmed this Wednesday, 10, which analyzes possible acquisition of commerce site Netshoes. To this end, the company hired the advice of Bank BTG Pactual.

As an alternative to banks, Nubank reaches all Brazilian territory

4/11/2019 - The fintech brazilian Nubank got a brand new: is present in all the country's municipalities 5,570. Launched as an alternative to financial services offered by the large retail banks, in 2013, the rookie sum more than 6 million consumers.

Tomatoes, beans and gasoline lead March to the highest level IPCA since 2015

4/11/2019 - São Paulo – the official inflation in Brazil, calculated by the national consumer price index (IPCA), stayed at 0.75% in March. This is the highest rate for the month since 2015, when it came to 1.32%, according to figures released on Wednesday (10) by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE).

Domestic market improves, but pre-crisis level is still far

4/11/2019 - The improvement in the supply of credit has stimulated sales of motorcycles earlier this year. However, at the current pace, the production must still take at least ten years to return to the record levels of the sector, of more than 2 million units. " There is a greater availability of credit and demand grows gradually, the pace of labor market stability. Right now, the consumer opts for the purchase of vehicles, but

Coffee exports grow 25.7 percent in the first quarter

4/11/2019 - Coffee shipments in the first quarter reached 9.9 million bags, 25.7% growth as compared to the same range of 2018, reported on Wednesday (10) the Council of Brazil's coffee Exporters (Cecafé). Last month, the Country exported 2.9 million bags of grain.

Rates for consumers with more than 60 years increases more

4/11/2019 - The consumer price index for the elderly (IPC-3i), which measures the change in the consumption basket of families mostly composed of individuals with more than 60 years of age, registered in the first quarter of 2019, 1.49% variation. In 12 months, the CPI-3i accumulates high 5.37%.

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