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Panorama of OPEN market addresses the influence of lifestyle on the buying ha...

4/11/2019 - Under the theme "lifestyle: the new wave that governs the consumer – and as acting companies that have realized this trend", the Panorama of OPEN Market will address the changes that are perceived in our society in the search for a new style of life more saudáve l, ethical, conscientious and how they are reflected in the consumption and purchase decisions.

B2w confirms negotiating purchase of Netshoes

4/11/2019 - Owner of the brands and Submarino, B2W confirmed this Wednesday, 10, which analyzes possible acquisition of commerce site Netshoes. To this end, the company hired the advice of Bank BTG Pactual.

As an alternative to banks, Nubank reaches all Brazilian territory

4/11/2019 - The fintech brazilian Nubank got a brand new: is present in all the country's municipalities 5,570. Launched as an alternative to financial services offered by the large retail banks, in 2013, the rookie sum more than 6 million consumers.

Tomatoes, beans and gasoline lead March to the highest level IPCA since 2015

4/11/2019 - São Paulo – the official inflation in Brazil, calculated by the national consumer price index (IPCA), stayed at 0.75% in March. This is the highest rate for the month since 2015, when it came to 1.32%, according to figures released on Wednesday (10) by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE).

Domestic market improves, but pre-crisis level is still far

4/11/2019 - The improvement in the supply of credit has stimulated sales of motorcycles earlier this year. However, at the current pace, the production must still take at least ten years to return to the record levels of the sector, of more than 2 million units. " There is a greater availability of credit and demand grows gradually, the pace of labor market stability. Right now, the consumer opts for the purchase of vehicles, but

Coffee exports grow 25.7 percent in the first quarter

4/11/2019 - Coffee shipments in the first quarter reached 9.9 million bags, 25.7% growth as compared to the same range of 2018, reported on Wednesday (10) the Council of Brazil's coffee Exporters (Cecafé). Last month, the Country exported 2.9 million bags of grain.

Rates for consumers with more than 60 years increases more

4/11/2019 - The consumer price index for the elderly (IPC-3i), which measures the change in the consumption basket of families mostly composed of individuals with more than 60 years of age, registered in the first quarter of 2019, 1.49% variation. In 12 months, the CPI-3i accumulates high 5.37%.

Companies begin to organize in consortia to buy Liquigas-Doimo

4/12/2019 - Companies and financial investors are structuring to make bids to buy the Liquigas-Doimo, Division of cooking gas from Petrobras. The distributor of propane tanks is part of the assets that the oil company plans to sell, as it is not strategic. The State found that the Itaúsa, Itaú Unibanco investment holding company, and grupo Ultra, would be assessing, separately, forming a consortium to make an offer for the company.

Walmart Announces Robots for services in Shops

4/12/2019 - The supermarket chain Wal-Mart announced last Tuesday (09), that will expand the use of automated equipment in its stores in the United States. The machines will of totems for withdrawal of products purchased on e-commerce until robots that clean the floor. Last year, Walmart spent 11 billion dollars in technology, making it the third largest expense in the world, after the Amazon and the Alphabet. The retailer will deploy 1,500 janitors, 300 intelligent scanners, 1,200 machines that assist in

GPA joins virtual and physical eye operations in greater profitability of Extra

4/12/2019 - After a phase of conversion of hypermarkets Extra to flag of atacarejo Assai, GPA group starts a race to improve the profitability of the hypermarkets. To this end, the company began to implement the concept of omnichannel, which aims to stimulate customer loyalty with customers and change the strategy on stock composition and sales area.

72% go shopping for Easter

4/12/2019 - Preparing for the Easter period, seven out of ten consumers have stated that they will do some shopping for the festive period, totaling 113 million consumers. Of these, 35 percent will spend the same amount last year, 32% must spend more and 25% will reduce the budget.

River trade Loses R $182.8 million with Rain

4/12/2019 - The shopping venues of Rio de Janeiro had a loss estimated at R $182.8 million with damage caused by heavy rain last Monday (08, according to a survey of the Swiss Institute of research and analysis (IFec/RJ). The research shows that 76% of businesses were affected in some way, either by lack of staff in the next few days, depending on the difficulty of travel in the city, or by flooding and problems in the physical structure of the store. According to the survey, most respondents will take a mo

E-commerce Has 35% of Sales Via Smartphones

4/12/2019 - Smartphones represent 35% of total requests made in e-commerce, with approximately of 40 million. Within the total turnover of the sector, mobile devices have participation of 31%, reaching R $16.7 billion. The data is the Ebit/Nielsen, which specializes in information about electronic commerce. In the m-commerce (mobile commerce), the segments that grew back were Perfumery, cosmetics, with 51% Health &; Computers, with 27%; Food and beverages, with 23% &. In 2018, the online represented 4.3% of

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