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Event OPENS: Brazil economic Scenario in 2019

3/15/2019 - With 20 years of tradition, the Macroeconomic Study of OPEN Packaging was revised and is much more complete. From 2019, the study will bring, in addition to the macroeconomic perspectives and analysis of performance of our sector, more detailed market information, trends and opportunities related to packaging and consumer goods sectors. To draw up this study, the OPEN will feature the expertise

Blue and Avianca will take up to a year to join

3/15/2019 - The potential integration between blue and part of the operations of Avianca Brazil, in reorganization, the company of David Neeleman plans to acquire, it should take between six months and one year after the approval of the deal. The estimate is John Peter Rodgerson, President of blue. "Six months to do a ' blue ', but it is expected up to 12 months," he said.

Apps increase rental profit drivers in the bag

3/15/2019 - Seen as a threat to the advancement of transport by applications in Brazil opened a new thread to car rental agencies and helped fatten the balance of these companies, which have shown good performances still in the bag. The net profits of the Finds, the largest of the market, jumped 17 percent in 2018, to $659 million, reported the company, giving start to earnings season. In 2018, its

Brazil and the United States will seek sector agreements

3/15/2019 - The Presidents Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump should indicate, in the joint statement that will make after meeting at the White House on November 18, the two countries will pursue a path toward free trade. That doesn't mean the commitment to start drawing now, negotiations for a free trade agreement between the two countries. The idea is to advance trade facilitation sector agreements and regulatory convergence in points where there are no international rules and restrictions for Mercosur.

Olam acquires control of the biggest cocoa processing of Indonesia

3/15/2019 - The multinational agribusiness Olam International, headquartered in Singapore, announced that bought control of the cocoa processing company of Indonesia, BT Cocoa, for $ $90 million, in a move to advance in the Asian market, which leads the growth world consumption of almonds.

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