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Panorama of OPEN market addresses the influence of lifestyle on the buying ha...

4/15/2019 - Under the theme "lifestyle: the new wave that governs the consumer – and as acting companies that have realized this trend", the Panorama of OPEN Market will address the changes that are perceived in our society in the search for a new style of life more

Index of retail sales of Cielo retreats 0.7% in March

4/15/2019 - Brazilian retail sales retreated 0.7 percent in March compared with the same month of 2018, discounted for inflation, the worst result in months, according to the index of Retail Expanded Cielo (ICVA), which comes with 1.4 million active sales points accredited to media company payments in the country.

Orange crop decreases almost 30% in São Paulo and MG

4/15/2019 - The citrícola belt of São Paulo and Minas Gerais harvested 286 million of Orange boxes in the last harvest, a fall of 28 percent compared to the previous year's crop. The data are part of the Defense Fund balance of Citrus (Fundecitrus).

In the first harvest of the crop, maize price appeals to farmers

4/15/2019 - The price of the corn grain is pleasing to farmers in Minas Gerais. With the first harvest of the crop, even lands are less productive were the producers.

Publicis pays $ $4.4 bi for data agency

4/15/2019 - The Agency Publicis announced on Sunday, 14, who will shell out $ $4.4 billion (about $17.1 R billion) in acquisition of Epsilon, marketing unit of Alliance Data Systems. It is the largest purchase in the history of the French group, the third largest advertising market in the world, owner of agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett.

Amstel creates Dutch village to sell beer

4/15/2019 - "People don't drink beer, take marketing." That phrase was repeated by Freddy Heineken, Dutch brewery President and heir of 1971 to 1989. To make people "take more marketing" just not enough TV commercials. This is where Hands-on Agency in Sao Paulo. This time, the creators of campaigns in the form of events like Heineken Up On The Roof – which held parties on the tops of iconic buildings of São Paulo – will assemble a Dutch village in São Paulo for the Amstel, second mark of the brewery.

With inovabra habitat, Bradesco, startups outweigh R mark $600 mi

4/15/2019 - The more than 190 startups housed in the so-called "inovabra habitat", coinovação space of Bradesco, achieved revenues of over $600 million R after move to the environment that complete a year. The figure represents 55% jump over the previous year. With respect to the amount of employees, the increase was even greater, of 60% since landed in space, located on AV. Angelica in Sao Paulo.

CADE Approves acquisition of Bemis by Amcor

4/16/2019 - The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved the acquisition of Bemis by Amcor without restrictions. Companies act with flexible packaging and rigid, providing products to sectors such as health, food and consumer goods. According to the entity, the agreement does not represent competitive concerns on the national market of rigid plastic packaging, because companies will have lower joint participation after the merger. However, in the segment of flexible plastic packaging, wa

Mercedes says will not close mining factory

4/16/2019 - Juiz DE FORA (MG)-workers at Mercedes-Benz in Juiz de Fora (MG) crossed his arms and crippled the production on Monday, 15. In the afternoon, they went to City Hall to participate in a public hearing convened by the local City Council to discuss the situation of the unit which, according to politicians, would be in danger of closing its doors.

Preparatory courses are seeking space in addition to the metropolitan regions

4/16/2019 - With a strong presence in major urban centres, the preparatory courses in medicine and law firms seeking to expand their operations to outlying regions. The scarcity of specialized content in distant cities and the lack of preparation for graduation are some of the factors for the evolution of this demand. One of the examples of preparatory courses – known popularly as courses – is the SJT Medical Education. "For 15 years, had on the market entry of 10000 graduates. Currently, this number rose t

Brazilians do accounts for Easter

4/16/2019 - Has grown by three percentage points (p.p.) consumer's intention to spend more in this Easter compared to the previous year (from 31% to 34%), according to a study released yesterday by the Boa Vista.

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