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Food Service market drives innovation in aluminum trays

3/19/2019 - To meet high participation in the power segment, manufacturer expands line of disposable food service market closed the year of 2018 with 32.9% stake in national power industry revenues, against 30.7% in 2012. The data of the ABIA (Brazilian Association of food industry) reflect an increase in the power market outside the home, which registered a drive of about $170 billion annual R in the last decade.

Supermarket sector has high billing 0.7% nominal in 2018, says Open

3/19/2019 - The supermarket sector revenue totaled $355.7 billion in 2018 R, unveiled on Monday, 18, the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Open). The performance represents a high nominal 0.7% compared to 2017.

Xerox can sell customer financing unit

3/19/2019 - (Reuters)-Xerox announced on Monday that it is evaluating a strategic transaction for its financing business. The manufacturer of printers reported that your plan to simplify its operations would lead to savings of at least $640 million in 2019 and 1.5 billion until 2021. Xerox has been exploring options after the cancellation of a complex deal last year to merge with Fujifilm,

Easter of caution will be marked by the sale of candy and national product

3/19/2019 - Thermometer to measure how sales are going on this Easter, the composition of the stocks of supermarket to the date this year was marked by caution. According to the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Open), the purchase of products by the industry rose just 0.4% with strong increase in buying chocolates and chocolate bars. " There's a certain concern and care of the supermarket to show more

Owner of roast chicken attracts almost R $1 bi at the premiere with debentures

3/19/2019 - The International Meal Company (IMC), owner of the roast chicken and Vienna network, managed to attract close to R $1 billion on demand in your market debut of debentures. The company did, however, only R $250 million and the resources will serve to settle a bridge loan taken with BTG Pactual, which was the sole issue coordinator. With many investors interested in putting the papers in their portfolios, which has been recurring, the IMC has managed to greatly reduce the cost of the operation. De

Sapore mira meals in schools and provides R $50 mi

3/19/2019 - The corporate restaurants and events company Sapore wants to consolidate the school meals. The company must close the month with 12 new schools in the portfolio, in addition to the 10 colleges attended since last year – including the English School in Bogota. The expectation is that the area has higher participation in revenues this year, reaching $50 million R. With the new contracts, the company take care of the students ' power of the six units of the College safe haven, in São Paulo and in V

Cocoa provides Show 16% in sales over Easter

3/18/2019 - Predicting a 16 percent growth in sales during the Easter period, the Show's rising Cocoa in almost 10000 tons your production of chocolates for the date, which must total 16.5 million items. This means an increase of 11% compared to Easter of 2017. Traditionally, sales of Easter, the most important date on the calendar, account for about 30% of the annual revenues in 2018, amounted R $3.5 billion.

Sonae Sierra Register 3.7 percent advance in sales

3/18/2019 - The tenants of the shopping malls managed by Sonae Sierra Brazil recorded growth of 3.7% in total sales last year, compared to 2017. The same shops, sales advanced 2.4 percent. Net sales reached $303.2 million, high R 5.1%, and net income totaled $189.7 million R, 36.7% higher than value in about 2017. In the fourth quarter, total sales grew by 5.7%. The recipe was discharged from 10.2% to $85 million, and profit R R $96.7 million, an increase of 114%. According to Sonae, the results are associa

Danone Announces integration of Divisions

3/18/2019 - Danone Brazil announced your new business unit, the Danone Nutricia. The folder has the divisions of Danone Early Life Nutrition (child nutrition) and Danone Advanced Medical Nutrition (nutrition). With the merger, the company with three business units in Brazil: Danone Nutricia, Danone Essential Dairy and Plant-based Products, and Danone waters. The integration of units under a single organization is a natural movement of Danone's business developments in Brazil. From the point of view of organ

Forecast for Expanded Retail is Growing 3.5%

3/18/2019 - The expanded retail must register 3.5 high% in 2019, this is the prediction of the Brazilian Institute of Retail executives and Consumer Market (Ibevar). The performance of sales on e-commerce, representing 6% of the total volume of retail, evolves from 2.5 times or 3 times faster compared to physical retail. I believe that in 2019 retailers will present good results, with a view to establishing the policy framework and the succession of previous years very bad, says President of the Institute,

Blue Tree Hotels register 24.5% high gross operating profit in 2018

3/18/2019 - The Blue Tree Hotels grew 24.5% in gross operating profit in 2018. The result came in conjunction with a 8.6% in net revenue last year, about 2017. By note, the network has evaluated that the expansion in the results is linked to the resumption of economic activity and the brazilian tourism sector in the country. In the corporate segment, the company registered sales of R $48,466,933, 59.8%.

In services, industry and Commerce raises concern

3/18/2019 - After bad results in industry and trade in January, 0.3% drop in the provision of services on the same basis closed a triad of concern: low demand, unreliable and expensive credit. The indicators, all presented last week by the Brazilian Institute of Geography statistics (IBGE), turn on the yellow light of analysts

Owner of course closes deal to buy Nextel Brazil by R $3.47 billion

3/18/2019 - The Mexican América Móvil, owner of course in Brazil, announced on Monday (18) which closed deal to buy Nextel Brazil. By the terms of the agreement, the current controlling shareholders of Nextel (NII and AI Brazil Holdings) agreed to sell its holdings in the company totals for $ $905 million, equivalent to R $3.47 billion in debt-free basis.

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