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Covers opera near the stability, waiting for the Federal Reserve lookin' at u...

3/20/2019 - Copper futures contracts operate near the stability this morning, waiting for a monetary policy decision from the Federal Reserve (the Fed, the U.S. central bank) and amid uncertainties about trade negotiations between United States and China.

Tetra Pak Repositions Services Division

3/20/2019 - Tetra Pak, specializes in processing and packaging solutions for food, expanded the operation of your Services Division. The area, which operated packaging and equipment the company shall meet all the food industry. According to the company, the Division offers solutions for all types of packaging and filling machines and processing. According to Edison Kubo, Managing Director of Tetra Pak ' s services portfolio, repositioning marks the entry of the company into new segments, such as cheese, ic

Brewing industry Sells 1.3 Liter Bi Carnival

3/20/2019 - Sales of the beer industry in 2019 Carnival totaled about 1.3 billion liters, according to the National Union of Beer Industry (Sindicerv). The number is the best result for the period in four years. The sales volume represented nearly 10% of all the expectation of marketing of beer for the year. The organisation points out that the Carnival represents almost a month in sales, with positive impact on the entire production chain. The Brazilian Association of bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) also r

Google Announces the Stadia, a "Netflix of games"

3/20/2019 - "The future of gaming is no longer in a box": that's how Google presented this Tuesday, 19, the Stadia, your new streaming service games. With help of your processing infrastructure in the cloud, the American giant will allow players to enjoy games on any screen, TV and cell phone with any control, as long as they are connected to the internet. If it works, the idea could end up with a traditional entertainment market: selling consoles and games in physical form, edging out brands such as Sony,

Brazil's GDP grew 0.3 percent from December to January, shows FGV

3/20/2019 - The gross domestic product (GDP), the sum of all goods and services produced in the country, started the year at an all-time high, according to the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). According to the Monitor, the GDP, gross domestic product grew 0.3% December 2018 to January this year. In comparison with January 2018, high reached 1.1%. There was also growth of 0.2% in the quarter ended in January, compared with the quarter ended October last year, 0.7% in comparison with the quarter ended January

Beauty, technology and fashion focused online sales on the day of the Consumer

3/20/2019 - Beauty and health, Informatics and sets were the champions of sales promotions created by e-commerce platforms to take advantage of consumer day, on March 15, according to Social technology company Miner. These three segments responded, respectively, by 35%, 16.5% and 14.4% of sales date.

SP industry questions Comgás-Petrobras deal

3/20/2019 - The São Paulo industry made new offensive to try to alleviate the natural gas rate increase, scheduled for may. Representatives of various sectors protocolaram request for clarification to the regulatory agency (Arsesp) about a tailored agreement between Comgás and Petrobrás in a court fight. They want to know what is the nature of an indemnity payable by the State, that is, how it will be handled by the Distributor.

83% of Brazilians buy brands in line with your personal values

3/21/2019 - São Paulo – In a world where political issues are increasingly present, is difficult to escape the debate and keep "above the Mute". Environmental issues, LGBT rights issues, questions about immigrants, about animal rights issues: after all, the marks should address such problems and position themselves clearly or must remain neutral, away from the public debate?

Maersk will make container transportation by land in Brazil, Argentina and Ur...

3/21/2019 - The shipping company Maersk will initiate service activities and transportation of goods in containers by land in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. "We're no longer just a transport line, completely reformulate our company and develop an integrated network of trucks, railroads, terminals and ships," said the Chief Executive Officer of Maersk East Coast South America, Antonio Dominguez, through of note. In this way, the company will offer a set of solutions, management and supply chain services, inc

Barbecue Mania network happens to operate in airports

3/21/2019 - With 65 units distributed between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Minas Gerais and concentrated in shopping malls, the restaurants barbecue Mania network Prime Steak House started to operate also in airports. The terminals of the Galleon, in Rio, and Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo, were chosen for this new front. Investments total R $3.5 million.

Randon consolidates growth and sees expansion in Automotive Division

3/21/2019 - With expectation of economic stability in the country, Randon, largest manufacturer of road equipment in South America, approaching a more sustainable level of sales. At the same time, the auto business is expected to continue gaining relevance in the group. "In 2018, we can

BC holds 6.5% Despite the Selic in weak economy

3/21/2019 - Even with rate fall short for economic activity, the monetary policy Committee (Copom) of the Central Bank (BC) decided unanimously to keep the basic interest rate (Selic) to 6.5%.

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