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Online Sales Soar 45% on consumer Day

3/22/2019 - The Brazilian e-commerce sales grew 45% in Consumer's day, celebrated on the last day 15, compared to the daily average of February. The survey made by Criteo, ad platform for the internet, reveals that the categories purchased in the period were: Books (increase of 256%), House and kitchen (133%) and bedding (98%). We realize that sales started before, as the consumer Day approached. And this year, despite not having reached the same performance from last year, when there was growth of 65% in

Abimapi Projects growth for the sector in 2019

3/22/2019 - The market for pasta and bread should grow from 1% to 2% in volume and value this year, according to a projection of the Brazilian Association of industries of cookies, pasta and breads & Cakes (Abimapi) Industrial. Last year, the sector recorded sales of 2.5 million tons, with 0.01% variation in relation to 2017. In value, the increase was 0.5%, to $26.6 billion. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, the category grew 1.3% pasta, breads and cakes had a 0.7% reduction in volume and advanc

Price of the diapers fall 20.7% compared to last year, says Procon

3/22/2019 - Research done by the State last week, Procon identified a fall in prices of disposable diapers in the trades of Campo Grande. The Superintendence for guidance and consumer protection visited at least 21 establishments – nine pharmacies and twelve supermarkets – and the difference in values was felt in relation to the product of the same brand who in different locations.

After Cade's veto, Petrobras resumes Liquigas ' offer to the market

3/22/2019 - Petrobras has hired a bank to back sell the Liquigas-Doimo, according to three sources familiar with the matter. This time, the Spanish Santander took over the mandate and investors will begin to receive campaign materials for sale.

Visa exemption increases search for tickets to Brazil by up to 36%

3/22/2019 - Now freed from the necessity of visa to enter Brazil, Americans, Canadians, Japanese and Australians have increased the search for airfare to the Country. The advance was detected by Kayak travel platform since last Tuesday, when the President Jair Bolsonaro announced the dismissal of the document in a visit to the United States. The biggest growth in Brazil research occurred in Australia, with an increase of 36%. Canada, United States and Japan, recorded high of 31%, 19% and 4%, respectively.

Movements in malls grows 0.59% in February

3/22/2019 - Slowly, the flow of shoppers in the malls has been recovered in the country, although that move is not yet widespread in all regions. In February, the rate of visits to establishments grew 0.59% compared with the same month of 2018, according to the survey done in partnership between the Brazilian Association of Shopping centres (Abrasce) and FX Retail Analytics. The northeastern region, with growth of 4.48%, pulled the advance. In the South and Southeast, on the other hand, there was decline of

NSC gets deadline to sell Usiminas

3/22/2019 - The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) partially accepted the request of Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) and extended the deadline for the company to sell shares in Usiminas. The new date for fulfilment of the obligation is confidential.

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