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CADE approves acquisition of full control of Solar by Engie Engie Brazil

7/24/2018 - The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved without restrictions the acquisition of full control of Solar by Brazil, Engie Engie through the purchase of shares currently held by the RPF and Dual companies G, as order in the Official Gazette of the This Union Monday (23).

Heated economy will stimulate sales of limpez products

4/9/2018 - The cleaning products industry is optimistic for 2018. Faced with the prospect of resumption of the economy, companies are betting that consumers are more willing to experiment and invest in products that focus on practicality and cost-benefit.

Mineral water: evian will ban PET Virgin

1/31/2018 - With headwaters in the French Alps and courtside among luxury brands, evian mineral water, controlled by the Danone Group, has just opened a countdown: the goal is to ban PET packaging Virgin until 2025, in favor of the use of recycled polyester bottle to bottle (BTB).

Survey says 70% of Brazilians do not use sunscreen every day and 80% don't kn...

1/22/2018 - Despite the need to fotoproteção be subject in the media, the number of Brazilians who don't apply sunscreen daily has increased dramatically this 2014 and already reaches almost 3/4 of the population, according to research led by a consultant and researcher in Cosmetology Lucas Paul, pharmaceutical and Scientific Director of the Institute of Cosmetology and Skin Sciences.

Milk Tyrol begins to Be Manufactured in Gaucho

1/4/2018 - The Tirol, dairy company, announces that started also to produce UHT milk in Rio Grande do Sul.

Sales of Supermarkets Gauchos will grow 3.5% at the end of Year

12/8/2017 - The supermarket sector Gaucho designs that sales of Christmas and new year will have a growth of 3.5%, pulled by the marketing of typical products for the holidays in the days immediately prior to those two events-last minute sales.

See Disinfectant hits the market

12/5/2017 - The brand of cleaning products See, Reckitt Benckiser, extends your portfolio with the See Disinfectant. The product is available in three versions: pine (480 ml and 980ml), lemon (480 ml) and Lavender (480 ml).

Super Globe Predicts 20 New SKUs and double Billing

10/9/2017 - The Super Globe, Chemical cleaning products company, closed the investment cycle of 2017, that kicked the R $16 million figures.

Bunge will buy 70% slice in IOI Corp unit for $ $946 mi

9/13/2017 - Bunge reported that will buy a 70 percent stake in IOI Loders Croklaan, Malaysian Palm oil producer IOI Corp Berhad, for $ $946 million, in the midst of a plan to invest in higher-margin businesses like food ingredients and natural flavours.

Reckitt bet in intelligent products and focuses on innovation

8/17/2017 - Reckitt Benckiser, the British manufacturer of cleaning products, health and personal, is betting on consumer products connected as part of an effort to show investors that an innovative approach could still boost growth.

Two years after '' rock bottom '', Bombril back to blue and plan investments

8/2/2017 - Almost two years after it reaches the bottom, with lack of products on the shelves of supermarkets and high indebtedness, Bombril begins to take its first signs of reaction. After closing last year at the blue, after four straight years of losses, the expectation is that the company famous for steel sponge start also generate cash from November – so far, all the money that comes into the company is intended only to your heavy debt abatement.

Denham Capital Fund wind-generating mira also solar energy in Brazil

7/11/2017 - SÃO PAULO-Rio Energy, which has invested in wind power plants in Brazil since 2012, intends to expand the performance also for solar generation, what might happen with participation in public auctions for hiring new ventures or even via acquisitions, said the Chief Financial Officer of American Fund controlled generating Denham Capital.

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