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Nestle chocolates Expands Portfolio of Funsize

10/17/2018 - The Chocolates Nestle develops packaging Funsizes of 114 g, with six units of candy, 19 each, for brands: Chokito, Charge, Lollo and Smash. According to the company, the news came to join the portfolio Funsize which began with the launch of the Prestige and Prestige White milk. Packages arriving to the Brazilian market this month, with the suggested retail price of R $5.49 to the final consumer.

Nestlé enters the market of premium chocolates in Brazil with releases

7/16/2018 - São Paulo – Nestle is known in Brazil for producing popular and beloved brands of chocolate, such as Kit Kat, Aero, Alpine Chokito and prestige. Now, the brand decides to invest, too, in the premium chocolate segment.

Easter sales Rise 3% in supermarkets Gauchos

4/3/2018 - Easter sales this year grew 3% in supermarkets Gauchos second determination of Gaucho Association of Supermarkets (Agas) disclosed this Sunday (01).

Retailers do well in the first test of the year

4/3/2018 - The advance sales on Easter weekend showed the improvement in the intention of the Brazilian consumption. With high projections that rotate between 3.2% and 5.4% in comparison with last year, the date was the first test of the trade sales this year, and the result seems to have pleased retailers of all sizes.

General Electric Debuts e-commerce

1/11/2018 - Virtual stores were the big brands last year. In March, the Mondelez, opened an online store to sell Easter eggs Lacta brand, Coca-Cola went on to sell custom bottles and the Riachuelo invested R $28 million on your platform. The proposal, according to these brands, is to improve the consumer experience with unique products or services to the digital environment.

Nestle must sell brands to smaller rival

9/21/2017 - BRASILIA-Nestlé cannot sell to large competitor a bag of brands and assets which will have to undo to get, 15 years later, that the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) to approve the purchase of the Boy.

Gaucho bet on special dates retail for high sales in June

6/5/2017 - Special dates are always important opportunities to supermarkets seek sales growth. According to data calculated by Agas (Associação Gaúcha de Supermarkets) with the Associates, the sales growth of typical items for the jerk should be 6 percent compared to the period last year. Also in June, prepares inventories of wines, candy boxes and flowers for the arrival of Valentine''s day, to be celebrated 12 day.

Sale of Eggs 12% drop in Records RS

4/17/2017 - Sales of Easter eggs in Rio Grande do Sul are down 12% compared to last year, selling 6,500,000 of chocolate eggs, according to balance sheet released yesterday (16) by the President of the State Association of Supermarkets (Agas), Antonio Cesa Long. "Unlike other years, retailers and industry defined with precision the mix and quantity of eggs exposed. While in previous years the leftover chocolate eggs after Easter Sunday reached 4%, this year the remainder shall not exceed 1%, "says Long. "Th

Cocoa production should grow in Brazil in 2017

4/10/2017 - Cacao production has grown in Brazil last year and should reach the 274,000 tons in 2017, 28% more than the crop of 2016, according to data of IBGE. The increase is mainly due to the more favorable climate during the last six months. About of 60000 farmers engaged in the cultivation of cocoa in Brazil. Bahia is the State that produces more fruit in the country, accounting for 54% of the crop. Secondly, is the Stop, with 40% of the crop. The revenues of cocoa-producing farms stood at r $1, 2 bill

Boost consumption yields to Mars 19% increase in sales of 2016

3/31/2017 - Mars, which owns the brands of chocolates M&M''s, Twix and Snickers, tripled in size in Brazil between 2012 and 2016, rising from 2% to 6% of the total sales of the category, according to data from Nielsen. Last year, multinational''s sales grew 19%, while the market of chocolates grew 5.4% in revenue. By volume, sales shrank 10.6% category. The company has supported your growth in those four years keeping structure in Brazil betting on products for immediate consumption.

Easter surveillance shows irregularities in 16% of the products

3/29/2017 - Supervision made today (28) by the Office of weights and measures of the State of São Paulo (Ipem-SP) showed that 16% of typical products like chocolates, Easter eggs and chocolate colombas, were irregular.

Easter with giant egg of Ferrero Rocher

3/23/2017 - Packed with the traditional Golden foil, the Grand Ferrero Rocher comes to the Brazilian consumer.

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