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Heated economy will stimulate sales of limpez products

4/9/2018 - The cleaning products industry is optimistic for 2018. Faced with the prospect of resumption of the economy, companies are betting that consumers are more willing to experiment and invest in products that focus on practicality and cost-benefit.

See Disinfectant hits the market

12/5/2017 - The brand of cleaning products See, Reckitt Benckiser, extends your portfolio with the See Disinfectant. The product is available in three versions: pine (480 ml and 980ml), lemon (480 ml) and Lavender (480 ml).

Super Globe Predicts 20 New SKUs and double Billing

10/9/2017 - The Super Globe, Chemical cleaning products company, closed the investment cycle of 2017, that kicked the R $16 million figures.

Reckitt bet in intelligent products and focuses on innovation

8/17/2017 - Reckitt Benckiser, the British manufacturer of cleaning products, health and personal, is betting on consumer products connected as part of an effort to show investors that an innovative approach could still boost growth.

Santa Clara Expands line of Disinfectant

7/10/2017 - The Santa Clara, brand of cleaning products, extends your line with the disinfectant 2 litre versions with eucalyptus Floral fragrances, lavender, pine and Herbal and size 5 litres in Eucalyptus, lavender and Floral essences.

Giga Attacked Opens your sixth unit in SP

3/16/2017 - The MGB Group launched today (15) the sixth Giga store Wholesale in the State of São Paulo located in Barra Funda, West of the capital. The new unit expects to receive 2,500 customers per day and has over 7 million items in fresh produce, products to the basket, grocery, frozen foods, meats, breads, Bazaar and cleaning products. "Families are resorting to wholesale purchases aimed at quantity vs. price. We can attribute this behavior to a new trend and opportunity to our network that sells to th

Owner of Vanish wants to buy Sustagen manufacturer

2/3/2017 - The British multinational Reckitt Benckiser, which specializes in cleaning products and own brands such as See and Vanish, confirmed it is in talks to buy baby food maker Mead Johnson Nutrition, which holds the brand Sustagen. The move would boost the consumer products giant of the UK to the center of the arena of healthy products.

Insecticides were the Belle of the ball

1/24/2017 - The Yearbook of 2016 ABIPLA (Brazilian Association of industries of cleanser and the like), released at the end of last year, showed that the insecticide was featured in 2015, in the year of political and economic crisis in Brazil. According to the Association, with a worrying scenario of dissemination of dengue virus, the chikungunya and zica, proliferated by the reproduction and dispersal of Aedes Aegypti in the urban and rural environment, the domestic demand for the products has increased si

Procter''s profit soars Gamble $ & 7.8 billion in 4th tri

1/23/2017 - New York-Procter Gamble announced & a net profit of $7.88 billion in the fourth quarter, or $2.88 per share, compared with $3.21 billion (US $1.12 per share) recorded in the same period in 2015.

Spanish group Puig buys stake in Gera, say sources

9/28/2016 - SAO PAULO-the Spanish company of fashion and perfumes Puig SA agreed on Tuesday to pay about 500,000,000 dollars for a minority share in Group SA, manufacturer and retailer Granado Brazil cosmetic products seeking global expansion, said three people with direct knowledge of the agreement.

Spanish group Puig negotiates purchase of stake in Gera, say sources

7/14/2016 - SAO PAULO-the Spanish company Puig perfumes and fashion is in talks to buy a minority stake in the Group brazilian manufacturer and retailer Granado, cosmetic products, stated four sources with knowledge of the matter.

Uncle Bonato, brand of cleaning products, wants to earn $ 30 mi until 2020

5/19/2016 - The Uncle Bonato, Paraná brand of cleaning products, intends to jump from a revenue estimated at $ 5 million this year to $ 30 million by 2020. To achieve the goal, the company will launch products and do various activities within the supermarkets.

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