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Crisis forces families to withdraw disposable diapers from the shopping basket

8/7/2018 - The Piauí Joice Lee, of 22 years, is the mother of Maria Luiza, of 1 year and 4 months. She buys a package of 24 diapers for girl, R $17, every two weeks, prioritizing the night time use and a few times during the day. The rest of the time, the small already wear panties. Is quite different from the situation that the clerk of the city of Luís Correia, 365 km from Teresina (PI), experienced when Daniel Achilles, your oldest son and today with 4 years, he was a baby. In 2014, the package of 24 di

Toilet paper, tissue moistened and disposable diapers will be more expensive

8/6/2018 - The turbulence in international trade should bring increased the price of toilet paper and other products in the category of tissues, which include items such as paper towels, handkerchief moistened and disposable diapers. The move, which comes the trailer of the possible increase in commercial rates, should gain strength and bring even more pressure on profits of companies in the sector, such as the P&G the greatest impetus comes from the increase in the price of pulp, main raw material for the

Belgian company Buy Brands whim and Mardam

2/15/2018 - * Note Corrected The Drylock Technologies Corporation, based in the city of Zele, in Belgium, announces the acquisition of Brazilian manufacturers of disposable diapers whim and Mardam.

Mili makes marketing activity on beaches in summer

1/10/2018 - Mili offers a nice fleet of bicycles to distribute diapers Mili Love & Care by the sea

Children''s items have significant growth

5/11/2017 - 45.6% increases market in five years Personal hygiene products, beauty and cosmetics for children are growing up in Brazil. According to the consulting firm Euromonitor, the segment has gone from annual sales of $2.7 billion in 2011 to R R $3.9 billion in 2016, a growth of 45.6% in five years (not including disposable diapers, which are in other market). The consumption increased by up to over the last two years of crisis.

P&G increases production of diapers

2/14/2017 - The P&G has invested 500 million R$ to increase the productive capacity of your factory of Louveira (SP). The contributions were for a few lines of diapers and SOAP. The plant has doubled in size and has reached 140,000 m ². Celebrates 70% increase in sales

11/30/2016 - The channel e-commerce Walmart celebrates the positive numbers of Black Friday 2016. In this Edition, there was a growth of 70% in comparison with the Black Friday last year. Among the best-selling products are: 55 "TV''s, washing machine and wash and dry 10 kg, Fryer and Smartphone Bluetooth sound box. Two other champions of sales on the site of the network, in editions of Black Friday, are tires and packages of diapers.

P&G cuts costs and profit rises

10/28/2016 - Procter Gamble detergent manufacturer & Tide and Pampers diapers, has reported quarterly profits better than expected, helped by cost cuts and strong demand for its products for babies, home care and female. P&G''s shares climbed more than 4% on Tuesday (25/10).

Little diaper industry overcomes crisis with cheap items

8/19/2016 - Sao Paulo-the search for cheaper products, amid the shrinking of the Brazilian''s income comes driving the business of small and medium-sized factories of disposable diapers. Changing consumption habits must maintain competition in this sector on the rise and a two-digit growth in this and the coming years.

Santher launches personal with protection 12:00

6/15/2016 - The Personal investing in more softness and protection in their new diapers, Soft & Protect. With 4 layers, which leverage the rapid distribution and absorption of pee, keeping it away from the child''s skin, the product now ensures even 12:00 of protection, that is, a full night''s sleep.

Hypermarcas offers diapers unit to CMPC, however sees possible recovery in Q2

5/18/2016 - The company''s Chief Executive, Claudio Bergamo, considered, however, that the period is also marked by the impact of labor bargaining in the enterprise, "which is coming on the order of 10%.

Hypermarcas may sell diaper thing in a year

5/2/2016 - The sale of diapers can achieve Hypermarcas within one year, indicated yesterday (28/04) Claudio Bergamo, President of the company. The company is studying to dispose of the business since May last year. At the time, she was valued at 1.5 billion R$.

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