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Sports nutrition Should grow to 15% in 2018

12/19/2017 - The sports nutrition market in Brazil should grow between 12% and 15% in 2018 and move some R $2.5 billion, the Brazilian Association of nutritional products (Abenutri). "Customers of this market are willing to invest in wellness.", commented the President of the entity, Marcelo Bella. According to the estimate of the Association, is expected to grow this year, higher than the registered in 2016, when the market grew 9%. According to Bella, on greater economic stability, international groups sho

Heineken will use Brazil''s distribution system Kirin

6/2/2017 - The manufacturer of Heineken beverages, which concluded on Thursday, first, the purchase of Kirin Brazil – transaction that was announced in February, by R $2.2 billion – stated that intend to use the distribution system of Brazil Kirin, owner of the brand Schin, to market the company''s portfolio. Today, the company''s products in Brazil are distributed by Coca Cola bottlers in the country.

Anvisa prohibits manufacture and sale of energy mark

3/28/2017 - São Paulo – Anvisa banned on Monday (27) the manufacture, distribution and sale of all lots of drink D Dopamine Mindful Drink, 269 mL.

TNT creates aluminum fashion

3/16/2017 - To mark presence in the 43rd Edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, the energy brand TNT, Grupo Petrópolis, created an aluminum customized for the event. The development of special edition of label uses Tin printing differentials, which allow the application of diverse arts and special inks.

Brazil is exporting natural energy

12/9/2016 - A natural herbal energy drink yerba mate and Guarana. This is the formula of the Waker Energy Drink company, brasiliense Kill Brazil, which has won the gondolas of small shops in France and Portugal. The industry is keeping an eye on new markets, including the United Arab Emirates.

Coca-Cola Femsa assumes sales of Monster Energy in Brazil

11/9/2016 - Coca-Cola Femsa Brazil authorizes the sale of Monster Energy in Brazil. All regions where the company will distribute four products of the energy portfolio. The energy drinks are: Original Monster Energy, Monster Energy Lo Carb, Monster Energy Zero Ultra and Monster Energy Assault.

Chocolate in aluminium can for drinks?

10/31/2016 - After winning 100% of the manufacturers and consumers of beer, energy drinks, and most producers of soft drinks and fruit juices, aluminum can begin to innovate the food market. The Ovidias Belgian emerges as the first brand of chocolates to pack their products on popular cans.

Grow sales of coconut water and tea

10/19/2016 - The coconut water and bottled teas ready are the only categories of non-alcoholic beverages that grow in sales this year, according to data from the Nielsen consulting. In January to August, sales of coconut water advanced 5.3% in volume compared with the same period in 2015. Sales of teas ready increased 0.9% in the same range. The soft drinks market as a whole shrank 7.2 percent.

Coca Cola must acquire 100% of the Vonpar in Brazil

9/26/2016 - Coca-Cola FEMSA, the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world by volume of sales, formalized today (23) an agreement to acquire 100% of the Vonpar, one of the largest privately owned bottlers Coca-Cola Brazil system, through its brazilian subsidiary (Spal Brazilian Beverage Industry S/A). The deal, which is pending to be approved by Cade-Administrative Council for economic defense-strengthens the company''s presence in the southern region of the country, extending its activities on the

AmBev launches delivery of cold beer

8/26/2016 - Named Zé Delivery, the delivery service of drinks at home created by Ambev offers in addition to the company''s best-known labels, specialty beers and imported. You can also ask other alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and energy drinks. Depending on the region, the Yogi still meat delivery, ice and coal.

In the category without alcohol, the expansion is in coconut water, tea and m...

7/11/2016 - A study by the consultancy Nielsen indicates that, from 2015, the categories of mineral water, coconut water and tea ready to drink are the only non-alcoholic drinks that are still growing in the country.

Fruki, RS, plans new plant and input in beer

4/8/2016 - The Drinks Fruki, which produces soft drinks and mineral water in Lajeado (RS), will invest 80 million R$ in a new factory in the city of Concórdia, Gaucho in the long run. The unit should go into operation in 2020 and will increase in almost 50% the current installed capacity of the company, which is 420 million litres per year, and allow the expansion of the portfolio with the introduction of functional drinks, isotonic drinks, teas, energy drinks and beers too.

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