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French group Saint-Gobain buys brazilian TekBond

7/25/2017 - The French building materials group Saint-Gobain announced on Tuesday (25), the acquisition of TekBond-the number two in the market of industrial adhesives in Brazil. The value of purchase was not informed.

ADECOL invests in partnerships with multinational giants Evonik and Dow Chem...

8/20/2015 - The ADECOL moves to secure its market position and maintain its growth, around 20% a year. According to the company, the strategy is to invest in partnerships with multinational giants Evonik and Dow Chemical, from raw material suppliers to codesenvolvedores a series of customized solutions for the market.

ADECOL invests $ 2 million to double production of PUR adhesives

5/28/2015 - To meet the increased demand of the Brazilian market for adhesive polyurethane reactive (PUR), such as automotive or chart, the ADECOL will invest $ 2 million to double production of the material. Currently, the company produces 90 tons per month.

Henkel adhesive for bonding of packaging launches difficult accession

9/10/2014 - Henkel launches in the national market the Technomelt 6200 Freeddom Certified, high-tech adhesive based on thermoplastic resins, specially developed for gluing cartons difficult accession (laminate BOPP, PP, PE, metallic, low COBB), cooled and frozen.

Cascola presents new packaging

7/10/2014 - The brand Cascola, multissolução in adhesives and sealants, belonging to the German multinational Henkel, presents the new packaging lines of sealants, Adhesives Sealants Flexite Cascola Cascola FT101 Flextec adhesive Cascola mounting and Riding Fixed &. Now, they are more visible and clear for the professional public the intended use and the attributes that differentiate each product for specific requirements.

Super Bonder Flex hits the shelves

6/18/2014 - The product, launched by Loctite in early 2014, is now available also to be sold in home centers and specialty stores under construction. The Super Bonder Power Flex Gel is indicated for gluing flexible materials, such as shoes, bags and backpacks.

3 m has result below the expected in the first quarter

4/24/2014 - The diversified manufacturer 3 m had bigger profit and revenue in the quarter, but the result came in below Wall Street estimates, since exchange rate effects weighed on sales and costs soared.

New patent Novelprint

8/23/2013 - The Novelprint goes way beyond a supplier of tags, labels and apply machines. The commitment to quality of the products of its customers makes Novelprint a partner company.

Henkel launches hotmelt with lower application temperature of the market

8/16/2013 - Compared to conventional hotmelts, the Technomelt Supra 100 Cool reduces by up to 50% power consumption Global leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatment, Henkel offers the new hotmelt adhesive Technomelt Supra 100 Cool for the packaging industry.

Baumgarten will launch innovative products and sustainable,

6/18/2013 - During the Fispal technology (25 to 28 of this month, in São Paulo), the Graphic will present seventeen releases in Baumgarten lines of self-adhesive labels, magazine, heat shrinkable and thermoformed packaging and other products.

H.B. Fuller buys Plexbond

6/11/2013 - H.B. Fuller Company announced the purchase of the Chemical Plexbond S/A (Plex). According to a statement by H.B. Fuller, the unification with the Plex will strengthen the company's global leadership position in the industry of adhesives.

Artecola starts production in China in June

6/3/2013 - Artecola chemistry, industrial laminates and adhesives manufacturer based in Campo Bom, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, puts in operation between the end of June and beginning of July, in China, a joint venture with tawianesa Artesol Orisol. The unit is being installed in Dongguan city, in the southwest of the country, and will produce powder adhesives to the footwear industry in the region.

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