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Hemmer doubles production of mayonnaise and ketchup

7/18/2018 - With some R $15 million invested, Hemmer will feature new equipment from next month, which will allow the company to almost double your production of mayonnaise and ketchups. The idea is to put these products in more stores by Brazil. Currently they are on sale in about 20000 points of sale like supermarkets, emporiums and specialty stores.

Heinz relaunches mayonnaise in glass packaging

8/29/2017 - The Heinz rescues the pot for your Mayonnaise Chef. The packaging has steel cover. According to Heinz, the release meets the request of consumers who liked classic air and more sophisticated of the pot. The label carries darker colors, highlighting the brand name. The packaging has 415 grams. The version of mayonnaise in jars of PET will remain for sale.

Kraft Heinz will invest R $380 mi in new factory in Brazil

5/31/2017 - São Paulo – the Kraft Foods giant Heinz – whose shareholders to 3 g, the Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, Beto Sicupira, Marcel Telles, and American Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway – should announce today the construction of a new factory in Brazil.

Unilever''s sales grow in the world but fall in Brazil and USA

4/27/2017 - Unilever registered a 6.1% increase in revenue for the first quarter, to 13.3 billion euros, compared to the previous year. The result was received, once again, by the increase in prices, which offset the poor performance in developed markets such as Europe and the United States.

Unilever hit buying Sir Kensington''s after rejecting Kraft

4/25/2017 - Unilever, which rejected a takeover proposal of $143 billion of Heinz Kraft earlier in the year, bet on seasonings to give new life to your business. The household products giant, whose portfolio includes the Mayo Hellmann''s and ice cream Ben & Jerry''s, closed the purchase of Sir Kensington''s, a young food company that produces natural ketchup and without genetically modified organisms and mayonnaise without egg. The amount paid was about $140 million, according to a person with knowledge of

Packages of Heinz star posters of movies Oscar nominees

2/24/2017 - The Agency Africa created for Heinz adapted versions of Brazil posters of movies Oscar nominees 2017.

Carrefour Promotes action with Campari Drinks

2/23/2017 - Carrefour stores in the State of São Paulo, between 21 and 28 this month, the campaign "Monte Bar". The action has the dynamic buy and win in exclusive partnership with the Campari Group and is valid for supermarkets and hypermarkets. With the purchase of two labels of participating brands, Sky, Sagatiba and Campari, the client wins the third item free of charge. The Carrefour is the customer who determines which labels will be part of your promotion, because it offers freedom to choose the same

Hellmann''s create hamburgers for the Super Bowl

2/2/2017 - The Hellmann''s brand, present in Brazil since 1962, creates burgers based on the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, teams that will compete in the Football Championship final, which takes place this Sunday, 5. The news comes with the Original combo Helmann''s, Milkshake Ben & Jerry Sweet and Cream Cookies and potato canoe McCain, for $39.90, on the day of departure.

Junior Launches Barbecue Sauce in Sachet

10/11/2016 - The Junior has expanded its line of Barbecue sauces with the new 7 g sachet packing. In addition to this format, the line is composed of 380 g bottle Barbecue Sauce and Blister 27 g. The news began to be distributed this month in specialised distributors and cash & carry. The version of 380 g, inclusive, is part of the newly launched line of bottles for sauces, complemented by Mustard, mayonnaise, Ketchup that now, in addition to pods, can be found in jars on the tables of restaurants and coffee

Bunge Bet in new forms of Relationship

10/7/2016 - The company, which owns brands such as Delicious, Soya, salad, Salsaretti, Perfection, Cardinal, La Española, useful when and Santa Luzia, has invested in new tools to expand the channels of customer service and relationship with consumers. Among the new features is the renewal of the "Customer Service" (SAC) which was renamed consumer House Bunge.

Of sachets for bottles: the new packaging of the Junior

10/6/2016 - The Junior, Kerry Group company brings to market a line of bottles for sauces ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and barbecue. There are two size options: 190 grams and 380 grams.

Mayonnaise in pot of mayonnaise edible

9/13/2016 - The manufacturer of cosmetics Salon, specializing in treating curly hair and afros, just bring your #todecacho line Hair mayonnaise. The product helps in wire clearance, eliminates dryness and promotes intense nutrition.

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